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Jul 19, 2006 05:10 AM

Sai's Vietnamese in Livermore again

Without sounding like a broken record, I'd like to give this place my two thumbs up. I had a garlic salt and pepper crab there last night for dinner, and it was absolutely wonderful. The crab was cooked just right - tender and juicy without being raw. The garlic noodles that came with it were just OK, but the crab more than made up for it. For $23, a 2 lb crab cooked so well was totally worth my every cent.

We also had the banh xeo (Vietnamese crepes), which was crispy and crunchy on the outside, filled with bean sprouts and tons of shrimp. It was delicious. We asked for extra veggies and herbs, since their herb availability tends to be lower. I think this dish was $7 or 8 and it was HUGE!

All in all, two thumbs up!

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  1. Can you please provide an address? Thanks.

    Nevermind found it:

    Sai's Vietnamese
    945 Bluebell Dr, Livermore, 94551

    I'll give it a shot.

    1. Was there for lunch this week; and with the weather NOT cooperating in the least, broke down and ordered the Seafood Pho (which had the Pho Ga broth). Lots of fresh rice noodles, unfortunately too soft for my taste, a few shrimp and pieces of squid (not overcooked), and a lot of fake crab in a very salty (and I love salt) broth.
      Coworker had the Five spice Chicken w/ rice- very good (a boneless marinated thigh that is a bit too sweet for my taste but cooked well - still very juicy with nicely browned skin).

      Had the fresh shrimp rolls - very good (you can tell it's very fresh as the rice wrapper was not dried out or chewy).

      Also had the fried bananas and mango icecream for dessert. Strange coloring on the batter (orangeish for some reason), but tasty. Take a bite of the banana before digging into the icecream cuz the icecream is very sweet but not so much so after having some of the banana.

      I really appreciated the much more personable service vs. Creasian and I will be stopping by more often for lunch (esp. for the lunch special - saw several of those after I ordered, plates were crammed with really yummy looking food). I hope that they get air-conditioning soon, it wasn't pretty in that restaurant with the temps in the triple digits.

      But when in the mood for Pho Ga (and a comfortable temperature in which to eat), I'm gonna have to stick with Creasian.