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Good dessert destination in the East Valley (PHX)?

Where do you go if you just want to grab a nice, sitdown dessert later in the evening? I can think of several restaurants with nice dessert menus, but I was more curious about a place to grab just dessert and a coffee drink or cocktail. For example, in the Hotel Monte Vista in Flagstaff there is a place called Rendezvous, which is a bar that also serves coffee drinks and desserts. This is kind of what I am looking for in the East Valley. Any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. Angel Sweet Gelato on the Northeast corner of Dobson and Chandler has awesome gelato!

    1. I guess I should have read your message in detail. More of a sit down spot that has good dessert is Dual at Power and Ray.

      1. Angel Sweet is indeed yummy - it's in our rotation. Haven't been to Dual yet. Thanks!

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          I love Angel Sweet too, but Lombardo's Gelato inside Fiesta Mall on the second floor near Sears is even better. The citrus sorbetti tend to be a little loose, but they're so intensely flavored, exploding with fresh fruit, that I don't mind the texture one bit.

        2. I'm not sure how good their desserts are these days, or about the availability of espresso drinks, but I've had a lovely time having dessert and wine at House of Tricks in Tempe. Might be a little hot for enjoying the patio right now, but in a month or two (o.k., four) it will be perfect.

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            ooohh...I never thought of House of Tricks. When the weather cools (in October?) I'll give them a try for dessert. Somehow I've never had room for dessert when I've been there for dinner. :)

          2. Maybe a bit of a gamble, but, I'm thinking the Ahwatukee branch of the Havana Cafe. I've always wanted to order dessert, there, but, never have, due to time constraints, too full, etc.

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              I haven't been to Havana Cafe in years, and like you, have been too full to try the desserts. Thanks so much for the great ideas!

            2. Shabu Fondue on Chandler near 101 has an incredible chocolate fondue that my girl and I frequent when we can afford the calories. The ambience is nightclub-ish and the drinks are reasonably priced.

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                That's a great idea, too. Thanks!

              2. in the way of shabu, how about The Melting Pot in Ahwatukee? they have wonderful dessert and private booths - I think you can just order dessert... don't know exactly where in the EV you would be going from...

                1. How about Flemings? The bar is quite nice, and we've found that the deserts are quite good. The key lime pie was spectacular, IMO. And the chocolate lava cake is always a treat.

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                    You know, I had thought of Flemings. For the night in question that made me post this query, we dismissed it because it would probably have been way too busy. The desserts are good there, though, and I'll try it for a drop-in dessert sometime.

                    Y'all have had great suggestions. Keep 'em coming - then we'll have a strong list!