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Jul 19, 2006 04:42 AM

Good dessert destination in the East Valley (PHX)?

Where do you go if you just want to grab a nice, sitdown dessert later in the evening? I can think of several restaurants with nice dessert menus, but I was more curious about a place to grab just dessert and a coffee drink or cocktail. For example, in the Hotel Monte Vista in Flagstaff there is a place called Rendezvous, which is a bar that also serves coffee drinks and desserts. This is kind of what I am looking for in the East Valley. Any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. Angel Sweet Gelato on the Northeast corner of Dobson and Chandler has awesome gelato!

    1. I guess I should have read your message in detail. More of a sit down spot that has good dessert is Dual at Power and Ray.

      1. Angel Sweet is indeed yummy - it's in our rotation. Haven't been to Dual yet. Thanks!

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          I love Angel Sweet too, but Lombardo's Gelato inside Fiesta Mall on the second floor near Sears is even better. The citrus sorbetti tend to be a little loose, but they're so intensely flavored, exploding with fresh fruit, that I don't mind the texture one bit.

        2. I'm not sure how good their desserts are these days, or about the availability of espresso drinks, but I've had a lovely time having dessert and wine at House of Tricks in Tempe. Might be a little hot for enjoying the patio right now, but in a month or two (o.k., four) it will be perfect.

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            ooohh...I never thought of House of Tricks. When the weather cools (in October?) I'll give them a try for dessert. Somehow I've never had room for dessert when I've been there for dinner. :)

          2. Maybe a bit of a gamble, but, I'm thinking the Ahwatukee branch of the Havana Cafe. I've always wanted to order dessert, there, but, never have, due to time constraints, too full, etc.

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              I haven't been to Havana Cafe in years, and like you, have been too full to try the desserts. Thanks so much for the great ideas!