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Jul 19, 2006 04:12 AM

Refrigerator help needed [Moved from General Topics]

Right board?
Need new refrig pronto -- looking to replace our much-loved avocado green (yes!) one w/stainless(?ugh) - bottom freezer. Must be less than 31" wide, the space is that old and sparse. Only one I could find was last year's GE -- don't even know how to look on the internet for such an item. Not wedded to any brand. Hints please, and as always, thank you!

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  1. I just had to replace my 28 year old fridge with width constraints too.

    I replaced my side by side 19cu Amana with a bottom drawer freezer 18.5cu Amana.

    It is about 29.5" wide.

    My fridge died as we were about to go into some hot weather last month. Most places I called or went to couldn't get me a replacement fro 2 weeks. In the end I found a small local place and got one in 2 hours.

    Google 19cu fridges and you'll find what is available, as that should give you the size you need. Not a lot of choices, but you should be able to get something you'll like.

    Amana and GE will have something. I can't remember the other brands I checked out.

    I just googled and found some others. But alas no avocado available - sorry. (There's always spray paint) lol

    Good luck

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      Thanks for your report. I called our one and only (non-Sears) appliance store and they had Amana, GE and Maytag "skinny" models but not in stock of course. No avocado, guess we'll have to learn to love the stainless look!

      1. re: Sarah

        Don't know how you feel about used stuff, but I bought a 'fridge on Craigs List two years ago that was in great shape and even got the seller to deliver it to me. I was looking for a refridgerator model from GE that you don't see too often any longer. It has what I term the "Monday Night Football Beverage Door". A second door w/shelf on the fridge side of the side by side. I LOVE this feature, it's so convenient. After looking and looking without luck, found a fellow on Craigs List that had a sweet deal on the exact model I wanted. Give it a shot. Not sure where you're located. Most CL boards are in or near major metro markets.