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Jul 19, 2006 03:54 AM

How is the OYSTER PO' BOY at the FARMERS MARKET on W 3rd??

I've been wanting to try the oyster po' boy at the Farmers Market. How is it? What about the gumbo? Jambalaya?

Thanks to all!

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  1. It ain't New Orleans, but it's OK. It ain't even Stevie's on the Strip (R.I.P.).

    1. The oyster po boy has one thing going forit - it's readily and easily available. It's a bit over battered, butthe batter is good. A few drops of hot sauce on the roll, and all is well with the world ( a chewier french bread would be more to my taste, but I don't know how they do it in N Orleans).

      1. gumbo isn't bad....I always need some extra hot sauce in it though.

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        1. re: Xericx

          i've never had worse cajun food in my life. i wonder how anyone can eat here. and yet there are lines. + this is from someone that loves this cuisine, when done properly.

          better to stay home with a can of campbell's, which i've never done

          1. re: epop

            specifically what didn't you like? I like the "Gumbo Yaya". Is it authentic N'Awlins version? I don't know...but for the Farmer's market, its a good choice for a meal. With the corn bread...not bad at all.

            I don't like their po'boys there...but the gumbo has always been pretty good.

            You want bad cajun food, go to Rajun Cajun in hermosa.

        2. There aren't a lot of choices for oyster po-boy on the westside, so Gumbo Pot trudges on. (Man Oh Man Oh Man I miss Gagnier's.) IMO Gumbo Pot's frying technique is actually not too bad, but the oysters are generally so-so (and this is not the best time of year for oysters even in a normal year, which 2006 ain't), the lemon-wedge dressing is a little odd, and the bread is just . . . wrong, although to be fair it's very hard to find any N.O-style bread here (whence the impossibility of finding a decent muffelata west of Houston).

          I am not a fan of Gumbo Pot in general, don't particularly like their gumbo, the jambalaya is slightly better, the beignets are really bad.

          If you're able to go further, you can do better at (for example) Creole Chef in the Baldwin Hills shopping center.

          1. Uncle Darrow's in the Marina (corner Washington and Lincoln) has a good one but only on weekends.

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            1. re: New Trial

              last time i went to uncle darrow's it was beyond terrible, i lost any semblance of why i went there in the first place. truly atrocious, sad, tired garbage slop. sorry, my friend who i took there hated it beyond belief, and he used to trust my rec's so i had to quite apoligize afterwards.

              gumbo pot or creole chef is much better.

              and if anyone knows where Gagnier's is or if it has resurfaced at all, please notify me on that. I'd love to try some of Gagnier's food again, everytime i go to the 3rd street promenade and have to settle for Subway's (instead in the old Gagnier's location), i get teary eyed about the great po boys or etouffees and gumbos i had been missing out on. Why couldn't the Third Street Promenade nor Ocean Park (it's later locale) support such a great restaurant. I'll never know. Truly missed, hopefully it is still around. Anyone have any details? the chef cooking anywhere?

              1. re: New Trial

                again, what is the criterion for a decent gumbo? the one at uncle darrow's doesn't have okra, is more like a sausage soup.

                gumbo is a refined dish, however, and should taste fresh. it is a subtle taste that
                the farmer's market place and uncle darrow's don't even begin to capture. like i said, campbell's is better, but awful.

                1. re: epop

                  Some places gumbo has alligator in it. Not here though.