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Lunch options for Santa Monica (26th and Wilshire)

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I feel like I've worn out every lunch spot within walking distance of this intersection and I'm tired of driving to Venice or Culver City just for lunch.

What's there to eat that's close to Santa Monica (26th and Wilshire) these days? Cheap is best of course but I'm wide open.

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  1. My favorite lunch places in that area:
    Nagao for amazing sushi rolls and salads..26th and San Vicente
    The Italian place right next door for great sandwiches and pasta

    Le Petit Cafe for french bistro 28th and Colorado

    Bergamot Station for wonderful sandwiches.

    1. salad bar at whole foods.

      violet is around there, i think they're open for lunch but not sure.

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        I have to say, that salad bar at Whole Foods in Santa Monica left me speechless-in a good way.

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          Their pizza and sandwhich bar isn't bad either.

      2. Amandine
        12225 Wilshire

        Soups, sandwiches, sweets, beverages.
        There are tables inside, and patio seating both in front and in back.

        1. Laisy Daisy Cafe II next to Wahoos!

          1. They have a $6.00 lunch special (a few salad options, burgers, vegie burger, chicken sandwich, turkey sandwich) at O'Brien's at 23rd and Wilshire. Their burger is very good and their steak fries hit the spot.

            Snug Harbor is a very good option. The fish tacos (grilled or fried) are great. The back patio is a nice escape.

            1. I second the rec for Monte Alban. I love, love, love that place. The prices are great and the food is wonderful. Oaxacan food at its finest.

              1. i've always dug kay & daves - between wilshire and san vincente on 26th. healthier mexican, great salsa, reasonable prices.

                1. I'm fond of Bread & Porridge on Wilshire and 23rd. Bria

                  1. I dream about the sandwich I had at the Broadway deli (sorry if this is not close to where you are asking about. I spent a month out there 5 years ago so I am not entirely familiar with the area.) it was the corned beef/tongue triple decker. Tongue seems to gross out a bunch of people but this sandwich was/is sheer bliss!!!

                    1. I work at Saint Johns and my choices are:
                      Bay Cities
                      Noma Sushi
                      Thai Dishes (far from the best but decent enough)
                      Back on Broadway
                      Monte Alban
                      The Nook
                      The vegetarian Indian (can't remember the name, all you can eat lunch, cheap) @
                      Wlishire and 20th
                      Le Saigon
                      Bistro of Santa Monica
                      Ramen Ya