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Jul 19, 2006 02:24 AM

Ferry Building Dinner Thursday

Any suggestions for a place for dinner at the Ferry building on thursday night? We don't want to go to Slanted Door.
We've been grocery shopping at the ferry building but have never really had dinner there.
Any suggestions? or should we not have dinner there? Isn't there a special farmer's market on Thursday nights?

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  1. I don't think you'll have too many options for dinner at the Ferry Building. Boulevard is not far away and it is a wonderful restaurant.

    1. Boulevard is "can't miss." One Market is nice as well. And not too far up the street is the always reliable and recently rejuvenated Fog City Diner. And if you want to stay in the Ferry Building itself, Hog Island is good too (though it's pretty much a one note operation--albeit a good one).

      1. If you're intent on staying in the Ferry Building, you can do your grocery shopping during the day, buy whatever bread, cheese, and roasted meat/cold cuts you fancy and bring them over to the Wine Merchant. They allow you to bring in outside food and you can just go ballistic with the wines available that day. It's like an indoor picnic.

        1. if you like japanese, you might want to try delica rf-1. it's a interesting place, a new spin to japanese food.

          I'd probably do what porthos suggested, buy a bunch of stuff at delica then ask the wine merchants to pair it with wine.

          oh...skip market bar, service is great, food was horrible for what they charge.

          1. We ate at the Market Bar at the Ferry Building several weeks ago and it wasn't bad. Probably not the best meal in the city but the setting was nice and the food was certainly acceptable.

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              I actually had a nice lunch there about a month ago -- oysters and a nice fish with fresh porcini. Granted I didn't pay for it.