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Jul 19, 2006 02:17 AM

good and affordable in niagara falls

my wife and i are going to niagara falls {ontario} for a few days and are looking for good and affordable places to eat lunch and dinner in the falls area. we both don't drive so it has to be within reasonable cab or walking distance. we're not looking for a gourmet experience, just a good couple of decent places to eat without breaking the bank like you tend to do in all the touristy places. maybe 1-2 middle of the road places {$100 range for 2} and a greasy spoon or 2 to round it out.....

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  1. Lots of chains, unfortunately, and it's tough to get out of the tourist trap without a car.

    Carpaccio has reasonable mid-range Italian; Frank's Tomato Pie has decent wood-oven pizzas; Flying Saucer Drive-In is the ultimate kitschy greasy spoon (and no, you don't need a car for the "drive-in").

    If you're in the Falls for a "few" days, you should spend one day in Niagara-on-the-Lake. I'm sure you can arrange a bus fairly easily from the Falls. Breakfast at the Little Red Rooster (a clean, rather than greasy, spoon); lunch at the Epicurean (cafeteria-style during the day, with delicious quiches and sandwiches); dinner at Stone Road Grille or Zee's, which can both be done within your budget, but are anything but "middle of the road".

    1. thanks for the suggestions. i am going to be going on a wine tour as part of the hotel package and am going to have a bit of time in niagara on the lake, so if i have enough time, i'll check out some of your suggetions for there. i'll post how things turned out. any more suggestions would be good too, as my wife and i spend time in the falls each year.

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        If you do end up in NOTL, try the Olde Angel Inn. It's a favourite of my wife and mine. Good English fare and some other things.
        We took my cousin and his wife last weekend and they loved it. To top it all off, they had the turtle cheesecake for desert. It was incredible.

        It has it's own resident ghost too.


      2. The buffet at Casino Fallsview (the newer casino) is pretty good and around $20 per person. Great selection, good value and great view of the falls.

        1. i've been to the casinos buffet and it is very good, we will probably go back this time around. we intended to go there origionally for one of our dinners, but i was waiting on my new driver's licence to come in as the face had been worn off the old one, and seeing as the buffet is on the casino floor, we wouldn't be able to go unless i had ID {i'm 25 but some people think i look underage}. luckly , it came yesterday, so i can also gamble :-)

          thanks again for the suggestions guys