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Jul 19, 2006 02:02 AM

Your favorite confection?

Okay, I gotta know...when you need to indulge...what confection (chocolate or other) do you go for?

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  1. Chinese custard tarts, tiramisu or manju (rice cake stuffed with sweet red beans)!!!Yummy. Makes me think of my Obachan!

    1. I love a good napoleon, and only indulge when I have the opportunity to eat a VERY GOOD one. Gramercy Tavern had one on their dessert menu last summer. After several disappointing attempts at Payard in New York, I found a fantastic one at Patisserie Poupon in Baltimore. I'm always on the lookout for a good one! Anyone have a recommendation for good napoleons in the SF Bay area, specifically the North Bay?

      1. Cannel├ęs de Bordeaux. Kueh Lapis. Onde-onde and other varieties of Nyonah kueh (little cakes or sweets).

        1. Turkish Delight.

          An acquired taste, but I love the gelatin and the pistachios and the powdered sugar.


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            I had Turkish Delight prepared by a visiting pastry chef from Turkey a few years ago. I was an instant fan, but have not been able to replicate it or find its equal!

          2. fresh rainbow cookies, haagen dazs black raspberry chip ice cream, applegate farm toasted almond ice cream, my mil's carrot and chocolate cakes.