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Jul 19, 2006 01:19 AM

CLEVELAND special occasion dinner

I'm taking my sister, and maybe a couple other ladies, out a couple days before her wedding and I'm looking for something sophisticated with great food, but a nice place to linger over wine. I love Parkers but he's catering the wedding so that won't do. What else falls into that category of excellence and comfort? I don't want stuffy, but I do not want to compromise on the food.

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  1. What about Lolita? Fat Cats? Baricelli?

    1. i'd recommend moxie, especially if you're not going on a weekend night. while the food is always excellent, it gets a bit too crowded and noisy on friday and saturday nights for a relaxing dinner.

      1. Blue Canyon in Twinsburg, Downtown 140 in Hudson. Lolita gets noisy on the weekend but is a wonderful choice during the week. If you want to sit outside, Parallax would be a lovely choice. I also second Baricelli Inn.

        1. I think the Flying Fig is Cleveland's #1 restaurant. It is across from the West Side Market. I am also quite fond of Sage, in Tremont. I think both are sophisticated, comfortable and have great food.

          1. I'd vote Flying Fig or Moxie. I wasn't as thrilled with Lolita as I expected to be; my one meal at Baricelli was overrated; and I hear mixed reviews of Blue Canyon. Another option: Fire at Shaker Square. If you are looking for a good patio, Lopez on Lee Road in Cleveland Heights is casusal (it's Mexican, sort of), but the drinks are excellent and food is good. Nice patio.

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              Flying Fig does actually have a small patio, but there are other surrounding places with patios, giving it a lively feel. The patio at Fire is also nice (as is the food). If I'm not mistaken, Fire and Moxie are under common ownership, and I think the ambiance at Fire is nicer (perhaps my urban prejudice against Moxie's suburban setting). Both Moxie and Fire are somewhat loud.