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Jul 19, 2006 01:11 AM

Amazingly good Indian Dinner in Jacksonville

Our family just had an amazingly good meal at a new Indian restaurant called Cilantro (formerly India Gate) in Jacksonville. My wife and I love Indian food and have eaten it often when living in NYC and Chicago, as well as during a month we spent in London; and we were disappointed by the lack of high-quality Indian when we moved to Jacksonville eight years ago.

No longer disappointed. The menu is standard -- samosas, aloo gobi, vegetable korma, tandori dishes; for Southern Indian, dosa -- but the preparation is wonderful: more delicately spiced, better nuanced than anything we've eaten previously in Jacksonville . . . and as good or better than any standard-menu Indian restaurant we've tried elsewhere (and we've tried a lot of them).

Our only concern: the place was nearly empty on a Friday evening. The place is just three months old, and it should develop a very loyal following over time, if the owners can keep it afloat until then.

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  1. sounds good -- I'll be sure to check it out. Also check out India's House cheap-o lunch buffet. Ok food, but for under $6, you can't beat the price.