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Your Top 2 Tips You Credit to Chowhound

What are your top 2 (no more) tips you credit to Chowhound. It can be whatever you found on Chowhound that made an important difference to you in some way.

#1. While it seems silly, but before Chowhound I had no clue what to do with a cast iron frying pan.

#2. The coconut cake recipe that Deenso posted a number of years ago. I get so many requests for that particular recipe. More then any other.

(hope I am posting this on the correct board...)

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  1. #1- The macarons at Laduree in Paris. Oh, bliss.

    #2- While it doesn't rank in my top 10, someone here turned me on to Kiran Palace in Hicksville (Long Island) and we've loved it ever since. When I was transitioning from my own business to a staff job several months ago, one of my considerations was that I'd never have their weekday buffet again. Ridiculous, I know, but it is comforting, usually delicious, and cheap.

    1. My big one is the Zuni Cafe roast chicken recipe that Carb Lover posted to Home Cooking. Wow. Even people who don't normally go for roast chicken are all over that thing, fighting over who gets the last drumstick.

      1. 1) Marcella Hazan, starting with her chicken with 2 lemons.

        2) reading (author) tips, MK Fisher, Jeffrey Steingarten and Michael Pollan come to mind. Pollan's "The Botany of Desire" has been my favorite summer read.

        1. 1. Simon Majumdar's dal recipe (and also his fish preparation suggestions):


          2. Various hounds' recommendations of Smokejack's in Burlington, VT, which I tried on a visit there last week -- one of the best restaurant meals I've had in years.

          1. Michele - glad you liked the coconut cake but, in the interest of honesty, ya gotta credit Paula Deen (sorry...) We're feeding a huge group this weekend and it's on the menu once again.

            1. Pork, Pork, Pork!
              #1 The 10-hour Roast Pork Shoulder concept

              #2 Will Owen's Kalua Roast Pork
              (still need to try the Carnitas...in lard.


              #3 Clementine Cake (forget original poster)
              #4 Vodka Infusions
              #4 Krissywat's cracker recipe (no photo


              P.S. Can you link to Deenso's recipe? :)

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              1. re: Funwithfood

                Sure - I'll put it on the home cooking board for you.

              2. Food Movies and Food Books.

                1. #1 - trying more 'ethnic' foods

                  #2 - acquiring restaurant menus

                  1. North, South, East, West...we have chased many Chowhound recommended destinations all over the great city of Los Angeles, always enjoying the journey along the way -- and sometimes snacking along the way as well! Our credit to Chowhound is not a particular place, rather, always with Chowhound in mind, we have acquired a real appreciation for this wonderfully diverse city: the cultures, the people, and of course, the amazing chow discoveries. At the end of the day, through all the diversity, how similar we all are!

                    According to the rules here, I get TWO tips. The other thing I credit to Chowhound is having a sense of humor about all this. We sometimes get so serious in our quests for the PERFECT yuzu pepper paste or the PERFECT green tea slush with lychee and mini-boba that we forget what a jolly adventure the search is. When I really think about the whole process...this is just waaaaaay toooooo much fun!

                    It is always fun to stretch beyond one's comfort zone, and Chowhound certainly encourages a lot of stretching...and that's a good thing!

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                    1. re: liu

                      #1 - Keeping berries in glass jars ... and it wasn't me that thought of it. Thanks to the new search I tracked down the correct person to give credit to ... budino ... where ever you are, I thank you and your grandmother. Whew, at last being able to give the right person credit ...

                      Great line in that post ... from FOUR years ago ...

                      "you feel very martha with your pretty jar of delicious berries just smiling at you in the fridge"


                      #2 - What lui said ... no matter how exotic the food or culture ... we are more similar than different ... and for me food has been the delicious gateway to learning about how the other 99 percent of the world lives. When it comes to good chow it is easy to put differences aside and share tips with people you might never otherwise know.

                      1. re: rworange

                        rworange - so articulate, and so true! And YOU have started some terrific posts on this board...so, thanks!

                        OK...now we can get silly again!

                    2. Lots and lots, but here's a specific one: put the anchovies on the pizza *after* it's cooked. Duh. Why did I ever do it the other way?

                      Gotta try that jarred berry thing now that raspberries are in.

                      1. 1. Making me feel sane when I secretly questione the quality of a place that is popular or trendy.

                        2. Allowing me to track eateries in cities I used to live in or plan to visit.

                        1. I've sent Chowhound links to several friends and biz associates, and they are always impressed by the info. The strangest/nicest compliment was when my aunt called the Chowhound site a "time sink."

                          1. First, and most important, the realization that I was not some kind of an old weird freak to be obsessed by food (as far as being a weird freak in other matters . . . ). The sense of community one gets here from sharing opinions and recs.

                            Second, a heightened appreciation for complexity and variety of Asian cuisines that has arisen from all sorts of things I've learned about at CH including Jim Leff writing about foo-yee sauce and Kirk and his incredible blog ( http://www.mmm-yoso.typepad.com/ ).


                            1. 1. Helped me feel more at home upon moving to San Diego, getting me out around the area, finding good chow, and meeeting new people.

                              2. Helps me feel closer to home (Philly) by keeping up with the best chow in my old neighborhood.

                              Those are two, but there are so many other reasons to love this place!

                              1. My top two Chowhound tips:

                                1. Turning a container of cotttage cheese upside-down to make it last longer, which works with either unopened or opened containers. This one has transformed my life!

                                2. Many wonderful variations on my beloved Oreo Boozy Cookies (aka Midnight Rum Balls). I was stuck in a rut with only rum, Chambord, and Grand Marnier variations, but the creative cooks here came up with dozens of other ideas - including gilding them! I admit I haven't tried gold leaf, but I learned to use superfine sugar for coating; it's so much prettier than plain old large-grain sugar. Thanks, y'all!

                                Original recipe here, towards the bottom:

                                Variations here, plus tips on how to avoid too-gooey rum balls:

                                And even more variations here (such as the gold leaf idea):

                                Oh, it's so hard to stop at just two tips!


                                1. #1 - Friends we've met and dined with through Chowhound -- Hungry Celeste and her husband Fen in New Orleans; Chowhound dining group in Phoenix

                                  #2 - Phoenix Ranch Market, the fabulous Hispanic supermarket in Phoenix (we went straight from the plane to the market on our first visit here before our move)

                                  Sarah C

                                  1. 2 useful cooking tips:
                                    - roast green beans, with garlic, in a hot, hot oven. Why did I not think of this before?
                                    - Steelcut oats. You rock my world.

                                    2 major benefits of CH:
                                    - Whenever I travel to a new place, I bring pages of tips I've cut-and-pasted from here. At first my friends all thought I was weird ("There's a perfectly nice-sounding, cheap place listed in my Lonely Planet guide! And it's on an easy to find street!"), but now they ask me to compile these lists for them. Philadelphia, Paris, Amsterdam - all successes in large part due to CH.

                                    - Friendly, knowledgeable people, united by a special appreciation of the little tasty things in life. There's so much BS on the internet, but people generally leave religion, politics, hissy fits, everything extraneous off CH, and focus on what is relevant, tried and true, and yummy. Which is very unusual for such a large online community. And no doubt aided by the hard-working Chowhound team. We love you guys.