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Best Eggs Benedict?

I've discovered that Hidden City Cafe here in Point Richmond has really excellent Eggs Benedict -- one of my favorite Guilty
Pleasures. These wonderfully unhealthy heaps of delicious cholesterol are my absolute favorite breakfast, but only if and when they are done right.

What are some other places to eat GREAT Eggs Benedict?

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  1. Kennsington Bistro! The number nine. It's grated potato pancake with the bacon mixed in and a dill (?) hollandaise. Yummy.

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      In the East Bay, Hidden City is hard to beat. Great to have an update from Pt Richmond.

      I'll second the number nine at Kennsington Bistro. If you ever go there on Sunday, you MUST order the scone too ... best scone I have ever had in my life. Their house-made English muffin bread is special too.


      On Solano in Albany is Sunnyside Cafe which does a nice job with eggs, using Uncle Eddie's cage-free eggs. Haven't had the benedicts there, but a Chowhound in this post did and liked it


      Royal Cafe on San Pablo Avenue in Albany has a number of Eggs Benedict dishes ... again ... never tried the benedict, but a poster in this topic did and liked them very much.


      Eggs Benedict are not really my first choice, I'm more of a omelet person, but if you are in San Francisco, Mama's in Washington Square makes a nice eggs benedict with foccacia from the bakery across the street. One of the few versions I really, really like. Not traditional though. It is on and off the menu though. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

      Don't know if they have eggs Benedict or not, but have you tried All's Fare in Pt. Richmond yet? Nice outdoor deck and view of the water. They just got a nice little review in a local free magazine. I wanted to re-visit. It is not in the class as Hidden City, but sometimes you want to sit outside and watch the boats.

    2. Zazie, Cole Valley. The hollandaise is handmade and you get roast potatoes with roast garlic on the side.

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        I second Zazie. They have several variations on the theme - my favorite is the Eggs Monaco with prosciutto and oven roasted tomatoes. Mmm.

      2. great eggs benedict come at a price. campton place is worth it.

        1. I really like Liberty Cafe on Cortland in Bernal for the eggs florentine, I am assuming they do a Benedict too.

          1. I will second the Sunnyside Cafe recommendation. i have had the Eggs Benedict and give them thumbs up. But "best"? I'm not sure.

            1. Mama's Royal Cafe on Broadway in Oakland. The Hollandaise is the best I have ever had. Even better than I can make.

              1. I can't believe nobody has mentioned the perfect Benedict at Canteen. I BART across the bay for it.

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                  i was just about to post the same thing. canteen really has the best eggs benedict ive ever had.

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                    So agree. But skip the hash, too dry.

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                      I must retry then, because they made no lasting impression on me the first time

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                        I thought the benedict at Canteen was pretty tasty w/ some caveats: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

                        I don't think it's my ideal benedict though...too much sauce, too lemony sauce, not thick enough ham. Texture of sauce was dreamy perfect though, eggs nicely poached, and chives added a nice touch. Bread element was unremarkable.

                        Y and I had a slight preference for the beef hash. Beef chunks were succulent and had a nice char to them. Now has anyone ever tried a sweet breakfast item there (don't they have pancakes or waffles)?

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                          Canteen's pancake is a favorite; very eggy...more crepe-like than a flapjack...but not "a sweet breakfast item". Right! It comes with syrup, but I never pour it.

                  2. Canteen. Perfect hollandaise and perfectly poached eggs.

                    1. I can't claim this as "best" since I haven't tried every eggs benny posted here, let alone in the Bay Area, but I'll nominate ABC's in Napa as GREAT. The English muffins are housebaked and instead of a skimpy slice of Canadian bacon, you get a thick slice of juicy ham under the perfect eggs and lusciously rich hollandaise. Here's my post from last year -

                      1. My husband and I are Benedict junkies. The dreamiest traditional kind is at Chouquet's on Fillmore and Washington. Gently toasted brioche, delicate ham, and a fluffly but rich hollandaise. My favorite alternative is at Mamacita on Chestnut. They use cornbread and chipotle hollandaise. I think they've reopened for brunch.

                        1. I can't believe no one has mentioned the eggs benedict at the Elite Cafe its the famous Eggs Benedict that she served at the Meeting House. I don't even like eggs benedict but theirs is the exception.

                          1. I have to second Janet! Mama's in Oakland. I had them just hours ago-- my first meal after being out of town for 2 weeks. For real insane fat consumption, The Elite Cafe does theirs with the famous meeting House biscuits. oooooooo yummmmm.

                            1. Though it's a ways away, the Pine Cone Diner in Pt. Reyes Station serves some of the best, if not THE best, eggs
                              benedict I've ever had. (Great spot to stop if you're
                              on your way to do some Sunday hiking.)
                              The eggs are local and fresh, as is the butter in the hollandaise -- both I think are from Strauss Organic Dairy.
                              Wacky decor, also.

                              1. The other weekend I went to the Sunny Side Cafe and had a halibut benedict with a carbonated lime hollandaise. Outstanding.

                                Their normal hollanndaise is among the best, too.

                                Haven't been over to canteen yet...I won't go to Mama's any more...had too many bad meals there in years past. Mama's depends on who's cooking, it seems.