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Jul 19, 2006 12:52 AM

Newport Beach - Coffeehouse

We will drive from San Diego to Newport Beach for a short weekend trip. I am looking for nice coffeehouse in Newport beach with excellent coffee (so please no recommendation for Starbuck etc.)which has also open late. Something similar to Lestat, Caffe Calabria, Livingroom in SD.

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  1. Try Keanes in Newport Beach, a cool spot owned by Marty Diedrich,the original founder of Diedrichs Coffee.He roasts his beans daily in a small in house roaster.

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    1. re: stormin norman

      Thanks. What's address ? I googled it but couldn't find it.

      1. re: honkman

        Its on the corner of 17th and Irvine Ave....across from L' Cave restaurant

      2. re: stormin norman

        Yes, by all means try Keans. I bought some Kenya and some Kona, and both were damned good. Here's what I posed elsewhere on ChowHound: When it's good, black coffee is the pure flavor of the coffee. I do drink cafe au lait in the mornings sometimes. But since I've discovered Keans Coffee, available on the Net, and the AeroPress, and I use three ounces of hot water for each cup and then press, say, four scoops of, say, Keans Kenya or Kona, to make the liquid that gets diluted by pouring it into the (three per cup) twelve ounces, I can drink black coffee all morning without feeling wired. What scuttles most people, I believe, is the oil, or the bitterness of an inferior roast or type of coffee; with the Aerobie AeroPress, I now look for the taste of the black coffee, to see how it really tastes. By the way, with frothed non-fat milk and a couple of Splenda packets, I do enjoy the way the coffee flavor enriches my cafe au lait in the morning.

        They're located on 17th street as you drive, I guess, south away from Newport Boulevard. Their website is

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          Hmm. It was three months ago they asked that question. I think they have returned to San Diego by now. :-)

      3. Do a searh on Chowhound for Keans Coffee..some good reports