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Jul 19, 2006 12:39 AM

where to eat at Jack London Square

A friend and her bf are staying over at Jack London Square Sat night. They like Italian, Thai, seafood and California but have non eclectic tastes. Any recommendatins on where they should eat within walking distance

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  1. Soizic Bistro on 4th at Broadway would be my recommendation in that area. I think it has the best food on that side of the freeway. Home of Chicken and Waffles is nearby as well.

    1. sorta depends on what type of food they feel like and how much they want to spend...

      casual Asian/Korean: Han's hibachi
      Japanese: Yoshi's
      Soul Food: Nellie's, Chicken and Waffles
      Seafood: Scott's, Kincaid's

      1. I second the Soizic recommendation. I find Yoshi's, Scott's, and Kincaid's yucky and overpriced. I would also consider heading into Oakland Chinatown, which is not far away at all. Phnom Penh is yummy. It's Cambodian and should be no challenge for folks who like Thai.

        1. One more vote for Soizic

          1. At the risk of reviving the dreaded "best BBQ" debate, I rather like Everett & Jones on Broadway. Beyond that, your friends will not be that far from Oakland Chinatown, which opens up a huge number of possibilities.

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              I vote for Soizic too. If venturing further out, there's another Cambodian spot, Battambang on Broadway at 9th or 10th.