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Jul 19, 2006 12:25 AM

Romantic Birthday Dinner

My birthday is next week, and I have to figure out where I should have my boyfriend take me. Pathetic, I know, but he needs nudging. I also spent $$ on his bday dinner, and who knows about gifts, so this is the focus of the occasion. Last year I steered him toward Chaya Brasserie, my classic favorite restaurant, aside from sushi places. Where to this year? Definitely want a nice atmosphere, not a sceney place, good food, good wine, not too pricey, not too moderate either. ;) West Hollywood/ Hollywood/ Beverly Hills area. Thoughts? I have 2 weeks to solidify, and so I'm brainstorming now.

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  1. Have him take you to Michael's in Santa Monica and reserve a table outside on the patio.

    1. I keep recommending it b/c I loved it for a recent birthday dinner: French 75 Bistro in Burbank. New, fresh, beautiful festive decor. Food excellent enough. Great free birthday dessert.

      It's a well rounded experience, you won't be disappointed.

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      1. re: Francesca

        French 75 is a great choice. Probably the best french fries I can recall having in a long time. Classy interior and not too expensive. But it may be outside of the area requested by the OP.

        Has anyone been to the "Bubbly Hour" where carafes of wine are the price of a glass and there are free appetizers? If so, how is it?

      2. Sticking to the WeHo, H'wood, BH area... I'd rec. any of the following:

        Little Door

        If those are too $$$, then maybe...

        La Buca
        Hungry Cat (?)

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        1. re: skwasha

          Hungry Cat is many things, but unfortunately romantic is not one of them ...

          1. re: ipsedixit

            Yah - hence the question mark... It can be *kind of* romantic on the patio. ;)

        2. AOC is a great choice in that area. If you want a quieter, more romantic, less scene-y environment ask to me seated upstairs.

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          1. re: Nicole

            I guess I don't associate AOC with romantic. It's always bustling and even the upstairs can get noisy. Besides it's a more interesting place to be with a larger group: more tastes of different things.

            Well, I'm on the team that prefers Lucques, anyway.

          2. If you're willing to go all the way to Topanga Canyon, I'd reccomend the Inn of The Seventh Ray. SOooooooo beautiful, and such great food.