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Jul 19, 2006 12:18 AM

Marina Del Rey for group of 8?

Looking for a restaurant in Marina del Rey that is close to the marina for a great dinner after an afternoon of sailing . . .any ideas? TIA!

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  1. For upscale choices, Cafe del Rey or Jerne in the Ritz Carlton.

    1. Less upscale, maybe Sapori (Italian) in Fisherman's Village. And there's always 26 Beach on Washington near Lincoln--very good food (especially burgers and salads), very casual, attractive patio. The Marina area is not overflowing with great restaurants, however.

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      1. re: PayOrPlay

        I second 26 Beach Cafe. The patio is very cute and the food is pretty good.

        Maybe Hal's in Venice? I think people always talk about Akbar as well?

        Personally, I'm not a fan of Cafe Del Rey - it was pricey and not particularly tasty.

        1. re: PayOrPlay

          Thanks for the suggestions. What is the price range of 26 Beach? Pricey, or reasonable? Also, what other types of cuisine do they have other than burgers, salads? Thanks again!

        2. There's always the Cheesecake Factory - And, love the Warehouse for Sunday brunch. Never been for a dinner tho - Their patio setting is great!

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          1. re: Kitchen Queen

            Cafe del Rey is not where I would go with a group....too noisey!

            1. re: Kitchen Queen

              with all due respect, cheesecake factory? it's great with the kids, but hardly a place i'd take people i care about to.

            2. The Marina restaurant scene is pretty mediocre, unfortunately. I would go to 12 Washington (that is the name and address). French cuisine, right at the beach.