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Jul 19, 2006 12:17 AM

chowish eats in Mattapoisett?

i know it's not really "boston area" but....
i will be there for 2 weeks vacation, and i'm wondering about great farmstands, fish stores, etc...

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  1. Mattapoisett Chowder House on Route 6 has wonderful food, and a really good, fresh fish market! Enjoy!

    1. The Mattapoisett Inn, has been a local favorite for many years now. Last I heard they were open for both Lunch & Dinner. Also, You are not too far from Fairhaven and New Bedford. There, your choices expand dramaticly. Seafood, traditional american comfort food, Latino, Portugese, Brazillian, and the like. All are awaiting the adventurous diner in Bristol County.

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        The Mattapoisett Inn was taken over a few years ago by a guy who was creating an Irish upscale pub. I went and it was okay but the best thing about the place still is to have a drink on the porch and lookout at the harbor.

      2. A revised reply:
        I am soo jealous. I was there for Christmas in the dead of winter but it is not the same. I am also overwhelmed I want to write so much about this topic but I work overnights and right now am past my bedtime. But here is a start.....

        Mattapoisett Chowder House; since it seems you are from Boston where good seafood is not an oddity you might want to try the Smoked fisherman's chowder. It is a wonderful take on a classic. My SO reviewed it here: Plus they moved from a converted gas station in what was a pizza restaurant which has a wood burning stove and all of there broiled options are excellent. I have not has a chance to try their expanded pizza menu.

        The Nest Diner formerly the Mattapoisett Diner. Located next to the chowder house is an old dining car diner with wonderful food; I was always impressed with their huge omelets. I have been told that there lunch and dinner menus has become more adventurous over the years with new owners

        Shipyard Galley Great baked goods and some take home meals make sure to get there early on Sunday to get your bear claw to eat while reading the Times or the Globe after church.

        Oxford Creamery for all the sinful delights of ice cream, clam rolls, Lobster rolls Linguica, onion rings and fries and my favorite hot dog in the universe take it all to go and head down to Ned's Point Lighthouse and eat while watching the activity going on in Buzzard's Bay.

        For a fish market, I prefer Turks to the one at the Chowder House but I like the chowder house better for dining.

        Cerulli's for a gourmet deli. Great sandwiches

        Kenny's farm stand in Fairhaven for decent fresh vegetables and there is a guy who sells corn and veggies a couple of days a week at the corner of route 6 and the road to Camp Massasoit.

        There are now farmer's markets popping up all over the place. Closes to you are the ones in New Bedford and Padanaram.

        Dartmouth - Rex Field, adjacent to St. Peters Church, 351 Elm St., Padanaram Village, Fridays 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm.
        New Bedford - Brooklawn Park Brooklawn Park, Ashley Blvd. Mondays 2:00 pm to Dusk
        New Bedford - Clasky Common Clasky Common (Pleasant St. between Pearl St. & Pope St.) Saturdays 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
        New Bedford - Wings Court Union St., Downtown, Wings Court Thursdays 2:00 pm to Dusk

        Mike's Restaurant is a red sauce Italian which specializes in Prime Rib and Lobster. I have never had prime rib better anywhere. plus they have a great kids menu. My parents brought me there since before I could remember. Avoid it on Friday and Saturday Nights since the wait can be up to 90 minutes or more but worth it.

        There is a wholesale clam guy on the east side of town and I'm not sure if he is still around. But if you find this place on a Saturday morning you can get yourself a heap of quahogs and steamers which are incredible. But I think the old guy who owned it passed away and his kids did not take it over. But if that is the case go to town hall and get a clamming permit and stick your feet in the mud and harvest your own.

        For something fancier, Try Margaret's in Fairhaven. It Opened after I left but I have heard nothing but raves about the food. You can search the boards for it to find reviews.

        There is alot more to say about this great area, but my fingers are tired

        Mattapoisett Chowder House
        79 Fairhaven Rd
        Mattapoisett, MA 02739-1465
        (508) 758-4782

        The Nest Diner
        81 Fairhaven Rd [Rte 6
        ]Mattapoisett MA 02739
        (508) 758-2333

        Shipyard Galley
        67 County Rd
        Mattapoisett, MA 02739
        (508) 758-9408

        Oxford Creamery
        98 County Rd
        Mattapoisett MA 02739
        (508) 758-3847

        Mike's Restaurant
        390 Huddleston Ave. [Rte 6],
        Fairhaven MA 02719 (508) 996-9810

        Cerulli's Gourmet Foods
        33 County Rd
        Mattapoisett MA 02739
        (508) 758-6111.

        Turks Restaurant
        83 Marion Rd
        Mattapoisett MA 02739
        (508) 758-3117,

        Uncle John's Java House
        88 North St
        Mattapoisett MA 02739
        (508) 758-4540

        Margarets Restaurant
        16 Main St,
        Fairhaven, MA 02719
        (508) 992-9942

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        1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

          I also want to make sure P. doesn't forget Sweet Sloops... A wonderful Chocolate Covered Toffee Candy that is shaped like a boat. One of the hightlight of the trip for me (I could eat a mountain of them and I'm NOT a candy person at all! :))


          1. re: Dommy

            They are not an exclusively Mattapoisett thing they are a New England thing, made by Harbor Sweets in Salem MA

          2. re: Mattapoisett in LA

            THANK YOU SO MUCH!! what a wealth of info! i am so looking forward to this vacation, this first in a loooong time, and much needed - and now i now exactly where to shop and dine! when i return, i will report my adventures for sure!!

            1. re: NoShoGrl

              I forgot the last thing. If you are there between August 3-6
              New Bedford hosts the World's Largest Feast of the Blessed Sacrement, with lots of food Drink and Amusements. Although this year according to the Boston Globe the are discontinuing their 20 oz. serving of Medera. The Feast is held along the Acushnet River north of I-195

              Take care

              - P.

          3. I highly suggest Antonio's in New Bedford. About a 15 minute ride. Its a great family Portuguese restaurant. We always get the fish cakes, shrimp croquettes and we share "Chicken and Shrimp Antonio's" It is huge and wonderful and covered with delicious sliced potatoes. We can't finish it. My son loves their chicken tenders. It looks like it is a "scary" neighborhood, but it is really very safe. Great bargain. Bar is fun to watch a game in.

            We love Mattapoisett. Have kept our boat there for 15 years and mostly cook on our boat.

            I agree about the Matt. Inn (now the Kinsail Inn) Sad that new owners took it over and made it "corporate".

            Cerulli's is expensive, but good. The owners have never been nice to us so we tend to avoid it.

            There used to be a good place in Marion, but not sure if it is there. Go to Marion for a day trip, its very pretty.

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            1. re: Ally Cat

              I think the place you are thinking of is Harriet's Out-Back but I'm not sure if it exists as a restaurant or catering or something else. Another place to try for lunch in Marion is the Ansel S. Gurney House, which was an old Stagecoach tavern turned into a giftshop which serves lunch. It is a little off the beaten path but worth it.

              As far as Alley cat's comments on Cerulli's i tend to agree with the sentiment but find myself going since the food outweighs the service and the price.

              Also I posted its address and never mentioned it. which is Uncle Johns Blend on North St on the way out to 195. Good coffee and decent pastries

              Take care

              - P.

              Ansel S. Gurney House
              403 Country Road
              Marion, MA 02738

              1. re: Ally Cat

                Antonio's is excellent and very accessable from 195, but my favorite dish is the "Riba" their version of carne alentejana which adds more seafood. There are other good Portuguese restaurants in New Bedford if Antonio's is too crowded (I have been to a couple on acushnet ave). Another bit further away is Sagres in Fall River which has live Fado on Friday and Saturday nights. Other options in Westport, but sounds like you have plenty nearby.

              2. Can someone tell me if the Nest Diner has any relation to the restaurant called the Nest that ws in that area many years ago. When I was in high school (many years ago) they had the best thin crust pizza. It they are related and still have that pizza I am getting in my car right now.

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                1. re: emilief

                  If I remember correctly it was in the place the Chowder House now occupies but I will ask my Mom if she remembers for sure. There had been a long succession of failed Italian Restaurants in that place. In fact they still have the wood burning pizza oven in the place and the chowder house makes Pizza. I can not vouch for it since every time I come back from LA I must have a Clam Roll which I cannot get out here.

                  Take Care,

                  - P.