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Jul 19, 2006 12:14 AM

Lost all my typed text before I could hit "Post New Topic"

I am reduced to tears. Yes I know I should compose my posts in a word processing software, then copy & paste into the text window then click on "Post New Topic". But I didn't.

So I typed a huge long post directly in the Chowhound text box, complete with links to past posts I dug up through advanced searches, and links to photos. Lots of time spent. I moved my mouse to click on "Post New Topic" and in the last split second, my mouse slipped and I clicked on the ad just to the right, "A Tale of Two Chowhounds". Before I could blink I was transported to the ad. I clicked on Back and all I got was a completely empty text box. My typed text was completely gone.

Now this has happened tons of times using the old board, but clicking Back would always give me my typed text intact, right where I left it. Is there any chance the new software can preserve the typed text if you accidently clicked on a link while still typing your post?

If that's not possible, would you consider making all of the ads open in a new window? I call them ads but they're links to other Board Features (like ads for Chowhound).

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  1. I wonder if this is browser specific- when I've accidentally clicked away while writing a reply, I have been able to go back and my text was still in the box.

    1. Ooh, maybe you're right. I was at work when I had my problem, where I use IE. Now I'm at home using Firefox, and I clicked on that Tale of Two Chowhounds before I finished typing this post, and when I hit back, my text was still there. Another reason Microsoft is eeeeevil.

      1. It is not the browser. I am on different browsers and it happened to me twice.

        If the title is left blank, all the text is gone when the error message is displayed. Could this be fixed?