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Jul 18, 2006 11:40 PM

Brown Rice in Santa Cruz?

Other than Charlie Hong Kong (yuck), are there any Asian restaurants around Santa Cruz County that allow you to substitute brown rice for white rice?

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  1. Bangkok West does. Probably more as well, but can't think of any at the moment.

    1. Sawasdee in Soquel does. If you have not been, top choices have been the catfish w/ chile paste, and duck dishes. The claypot is worth ordering to check out their cool Thai pots but I'm not sure the ingredients mesh with a diet that needs brown rice.


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      1. re: Nathan P

        That's good to know. Sawasdee has become my favorite place to eat around here. I'll ask if they'll make me fried (brown)rice. The owners are nice people.

        1. re: Matt of Aptos

          I haven't been in a while, but like Sawasdee quite a bit. Yes, the owners are sweet and the service has always been good. Like Nathan, we tend to go for the spicy catfish and duck, but we need to branch out next time. What are your favorites there? Have you tried the pad thai?

          Our realtor swears by Star of Siam down the street...any comments?

          1. re: Carb Lover

            Yes, I think I've had the pad thai every time I've been there. Everything I've had there has been great. Always very fresh.

            1. re: Carb Lover

              We used to go to Star of Siam, but someone told us they use MSG, and it seemed like they were right. We've been going to Sawasdee lately, and their food is really good. Their pad thai is good, too. We like it better than Star of Siam.

          2. re: Nathan P

            I had a nice meal at Sawasdee on Saturday. I'm happy to report that they'll make fried (brown) rice if you ask. Good stuff.

          3. Star of Siam is pretty good. We like it better than Bangkok West, which used to be our top Thai choice. They have some great curry dishes. We love the pumpkin curry which was one of their specials recently. Also good is the Eggplant Chicken, it's not greasy at all and the chicken seems to be all white meat, not weird, unidentifiable pieces. Their fresh spring rolls are delicious. We usually get take out, but have had decent service the few times we have eaten in. It's a bit tricky to get in and out of the parking lot during high traffic times on Soquel/San Jose Road. I'm very curious about Sawasdee now that I have read all the comments. It's really close to my house (I live on Capitola Ave.) and I had avoided it because they mixed up a neighbor's carry out order a month or so ago. Guess it's time to give them a try.