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Jul 18, 2006 11:24 PM

LAX to Studio City

I need to make a run to LAX tomorrow night at about 8:30pm, and then have to drive back up to Studio City.

I'm picking up my mother (I'm a good son) and she's taking me out to dinner. What's pretty quick, not far from the 405/off of Sepulveda/on Ventura Blvd that isn't too expensive? Not looking for a fantastic dinner, just something above average. Something new. Oh, and any type of food works.

She doesn't eat meat, but loves fish and shrimp. I'll eat anything. Think semi-gourmet, but really open to anything.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Yes, try Max on Ventura next door to Maria's and across from the Great Geek.
    Newish menu, and instead of the traditional 3 courses, you could keep the costs down by doing maybe two apps, or one entree, and dessert if you so chose. They do wonders with seafood items, even though the filet is one of the best anywhere, just as a parenthetical thought!
    Hope mom likes a glass, or more, of wine. Nice list, by glass or bottle.
    Any way, near corner of Dixie Canyon, with the website linked here:

    1. Always drive by but never stopped in. Great idea!

      1. imho this thai restaurant near LAX is better than the rest:

        Ayara Thai cuisine
        6245 West 87th Street, Westchester California, 90045 Telephone: (310) 410-8848