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Jul 18, 2006 10:05 PM

Dinner Bread in Santa Cruz?

I have a get-together coming up and I'm supposed to provide the bread. Any suggestions? Does a local bakery have anything interesting?

I really like that garlic herb artichoke bread you can get in Pescadero, but I won't be making a trip up there anytime soon.

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  1. Gayle's in Capitola probably has the most interesting selection close to you. Here's a link to their bread selection:

    I'm partial to the Olive Capitola Sourdough myself.

    1. I agree that you should check out Gayle's. I haven't been to their shop in a long time, but the owner-baker, Joe Ortiz, is known for his breads and has written cookbooks. Out of all the francese bread that proliferates this county, Gayle's has the most character and style. The others are relatively bland and lifeless to me.

      Here's a link to their bread menu from their website:

      The foccacia w/ sage sounds good. I've tried their olive sourdough purchased from Deluxe Foods in Aptos and thought it was just ok. Contains big green olives and was too tart overall for me. Was kinda hard and chewy, but I wonder how much Deluxe is responsible for that.

      Let us know if you come across anything that's a big hit.

      1. Funny, it's exactly that tartness that I like. Different strokes and all that...

        I've bought it both from Deluxe (which is a lot closer to us) and Gayle's. At Gayle's it's always been very fresh. Deluxe has been hit or miss.

        1. IMO Gayle's Pain de Campagne is the only good bread in the county. But for a party I would probably just buy one of their sourdough baguettes.

          1. The Buttery has some excellent bread. It's actually made by the bakery that has a booth at the Cabrillo farmer's market. (Golden Sheaf?) The francese bread makes excellent french toast. You might want to check out this booth next time you are at the farmer's market. It's down on the bottom level, near the Corralitos Meat Market guys.
            The bread is always fresh and he has a good variety on Saturday mornings.

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              Wow, I'm shocked! I had no idea that the Buttery sold bread from Golden Sheaf; I thought they made their own. Just checked their website, and they do acknowledge GS as their source:

              I haven't really gotten excited about anything from GS; they're not bad...just not great, in my mind. I do appreciate that the Cabrillo market stand sells day old bread at a discount for my Zuni bread salad or turkey stuffing. Have only purchased day old during the holidays though...anyone know if they sell this regularly?