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1789 - Okay for two 26-year-olds???

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Husband and I had pretty much agree on 1789 for our two-year anniversary. Been reading reviews and posts, and now we're wondering if we will feel out-of-place as a young couple (mid-twenties). What do you think? Is there somewhere else you'd recommend for us? I posted below about our anniversary, and have been checking out what everyone recommended there too.

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  1. We had our anniversary dinner there two years ago when we were 28 and 29. Our dinner was really lovely. I don't remember seeing a lot of young people there, but I'm sure there were some. we didn't feel out of place at all.

    1. In my late twenties, my wife took me there for my birthday several years in a row. I never felt uncomfortable, but unquestionably we were among the only young people in the restaurant.

      I would recommend 2941 as an alternative "special occassion" restaurant. It has a younger feel and, in my opinion, it's better.

      1. 1789 is fine. It certainly draws an older crowd, and it's very dressy, but what better occasion to dress up? The staff there is not fussy, so you will feel right at home. The food there is fantastic - Beauchamp has certainly done a good job taking over for Ris Lacoste.

        Make sure you request a table on the lower level when you make the reservation - much cozier and romantic for an anniversary.

        1. Your fine. I've been going there with my wife one or twice a year and i'm 26 and shes 25. Just dress nicely - like a Jacket and you'll be fine. I always find the crowd to be a good mix of young and old. The service has always been good - I used to always have problems at Citronelle with the service, I think because of my age, but never at 1789.

          1. Many years ago, my husband and I had a wonderful, romantic dinner at 1789. We were in our twenties at the time and were treated very well. The evening has stayed in my mind as a very special experience.

            1. We went there recently for our anniversary and had a great meal. Old school decor to be sure, but it really is a nice dining room. We sat on the main level and had the banquet seat in the corner that offered a view of the whole dining room. Don't sweat that you're a little younger; just go and have fun.

              We thought the food was really good. Consider the escolar (a variety of tuna) if it is on the menu, this dish was fabulous . . . and the chocolate bred pudding for dessert was fantastic.

              Be sure to tell them it's you anniversary.


              1. My family took me to 1789 for a celebratory dinner after my thesis defense last year. The surrounding diners were mostly older, but the food was excellent and the service was very good, including the way that they took care of my five year old daughter who surprised me with perfect behavior. My caveat would be that our dinner was during the tenure of the previous chef; I can't vouch for the current menu. I also would second the suggestion that you request seating downstairs; it is much more appropriate for an anniversary dinner.

                1. I have a coworker who's 23 and his gf is 21 and they had a great time there.

                  1. Be sure to ask for downstairs and tell them it is your anniversary, they will treat you right.