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City Bakery.

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call me crazy. call me a lunatic, call me very, very, very, hungry. but you know what the Molten Chocolate Chip Cookies at City Bakery in the Brentwood Country Mart are actually pretty darn decent. Though like everything else here still overpriced. And don't get me started on the atmosphere here, but the outside patio is some of the most delicious eye candy around.

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  1. We're probably both rareties in this department. I also love City Bakery's molten chocolate chip cookie, and their other cookies for that matter. Love the chocolate room, and what's inside, too.

    1. There've actually been some accolades for the cookie around here. I think people were more disappointed in the other food and the way they set it up.

      1. Totally agree. Asd a bonafide chocoholic I have a suppy of the cookies in my freezer. 20 seconds in the micro-wave and I have a gooey paradise. I( also like the croisants.

        1. i must also mention that i have not tried there sandwiches nor their cooked dishes (i.e. wild salmon burger, crab cakes, dogs, egg salad sandwiches,

          1. Good cookie for sure, but a bad restaurant (cafe) concept IMO.

            1. As to City's indoor seating, I don't give a monkeys. The outdoor patio is like a mini-Farmers Market (3rd and Fairfax), California indoor-outdoor living, enjoy it like Kevin does--on second thought. ;-P

              Finally got my lemon tart last weekend. Nice buttery crust with a smooth & zippy lemon filling. Also tried a seasonal plum sticky bun that was tart on top and yeasty on bottom.

              Added the pics to the old ones here:

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                is the plum sticky bun pretty good? i saw it, but bypassed it for the cookie. maybe next time.

                also, i saw it on the menu but not on the counter, supposedly they have chocolate coconut custard tarts along with very peachy pie, these do sound good, but oddly they've never been present when i visited the joint.

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                  I liked it, but then I love plums. It had a tart fruit/pastry thing going on similiar to Rockenwagner's rhubarb cake, plus it wasn't too sweet.

                  The peach pie caught my eye on the menu too, but didn't see it out on display. That's been the case with the lemon tart until last Sunday around 11am when I asked for it.

              2. i like the bakery a lot but the salad bar i found expensive and, more importantly, bordering on awful. i had the catfish which i had to throw out. my mushrooms tasted terrible as well. it was about 13 dollars of salad bar stuff to throw away. had an incredible cookie of theirs' for lunch, instead.

                disappointing that it is lopsided like that. the catfish was so bad that i don't think i can eat fish there again

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                  The peach tart is AWFUL. After two bites, I actually threw mine out, and it wasn't cheap. The molten cookies are the best.

                  1. re: cupcake

                    again, so uneven. i was hoping that at least the desserts were all great. croissants and cookies are. muffins are special but a little sweet for me.

                2. I liked the Melted Chocolate Chip Cookie as well. It was a little crinkly on the outside and gooey and soft on the inside. The guy behind the counter even gave me a sample before I bought it! He said it was similar to the hot chocolate and never hardened.

                  City Bakery's hot chocolate was also very good. One of the thicker hot chocolates I've had though not thick enough to lay a spoon on. I couldn't finish my hot chocolate after the melted chocolate chip cookie and after resting in the fridge all night, it looked like a melted chocolate bar this morning. :D I added some milk, heated it up and drank the rest for breakfast.