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Jul 18, 2006 09:55 PM

Criollo Bakery gone?

does anyone know what happened to Criollo Bakery on Fremont? I went there today and it's gone, with a For Lease sign in the window. they were great and doing well (I thought). what happened?

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  1. They closed down last month. The owner/baker is like 8 months pregnant at this point. I don't think they were doing especially well, either. Yes, it was a very sad loss for Portland and especially NE Portland. There isn't really a good option for a variety of quality cakes and sweets in that area. I'd say head over to the N Portland Pix or maybe Fleur de Lis in Hollywood as an alternative. Ristretto Roasters has a small selection of decent simple treats. And there's always New Seasons in Concordia.

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      that is such a shame--their baked goods were much better than most I've tried around town. I really liked the bakery/coffee shop next door setup too. the coffee shop is still there but kinda has the pall of death over it. oh well, I certainly understand the dilemma of an impending child vs business. and critical acclaim does not always equal financial success I suppose. RIP Criollo.

    2. I, too, was stunned and upset to see that Criollo had closed. It was my favorite place to go for baked goods and had, I believe, the best patisserie goods in Portland and the largest selection. It was also a fun place to meet friends (with the cafe connecting through), and provided a wonderful lunch as well. I only found out this weekend and this prompted my search on the internet for information about what had happened. I can't believe it's gone and I will never again taste those wonderful coconut cream tarts, the impeccable apple danish, all of those great cookies, the raspberry cheesecakes in the little finger sized bites, ..... sigh. At least, through my search I did discover the chef's name and her blog detailing the painstaking start of the restaurant. I can only pray that she will return to her baking endeavors sometime and someplace in Portland.