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Jul 18, 2006 09:45 PM

going to san diego this weekend, need good places near the convention center

coming from LA to Diego this weekend. need good grub that's distinctive and not too pricey. will consider all types of cuisine. thanks

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    1. re: srk

      cool, looks nice but what i am looking for is something really unique and says san diego.

      1. re: swindledestron

        There isn't anything really like that. Fish tacos and carne asada burritos are probably the most distinctively "San Diego" food items, and both are in short supply near the Convention Center - particularly at the level of "not too pricey".

        From what I hear, Tin Fish has decent fish tacos. That's near the Convention Center. Carne asada burritos are hard to find downtown.

    2. any good italian or middle eastern or greek would be good. coming from LA, sick of chinese, indian, thai, japanese and mexican. euro food would be good too. 15 per person is our limit.

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      1. re: swindledestron

        There are 2 Persian places in the Gaslamp Quarter--Bandar and Sadaf. Both are good, although they may be just above your price limit.

        Cafe Chloe near the ballpark does Euro bistro food--really good stuff. Could possibly slide in your price range if you don't need wine w/ your meal.

        Might want to consider driving or taking the trolley to get out of the Gaslamp Quarter to broaden your options for your price range.

        1. re: daantaat

          I agree with daantaat. Two sides to downtown. Cheap: Rubio's Fish Tacos, Wendy's, Horton Plaza Food Court. Expensive: Salvatores, Stingaree, The Palm, etc. etc. Might be best to bust out on the trolly

      2. nice, persian is something i want to try. italian?

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        1. re: swindledestron

          We have some great Italian downtown but the good stuff is all serious bank. eg Salvatore's (fifteen bucks will get you an appetizer.)

        2. Chopahn Afghan restaurant on 6th is very good.

          1. If you like pizza, Ciro's Pizzeria on Market St. between 5th and 6th is a very good deal. Six bucks gets you two slices and a soda. The pizza is very tasty New York thin crust.

            Horton Plaza, which is a little bit further but quite walkable, has a food court with a lot of places in the sub-$10 range.

            For Mexican, there's a place called Alambres on 5th between E and F. It's not as cheap as a taco shop, but under $15 is very doable and their food is decent.

            Sammy's Woodfired Pizza, on 4th and F, also has some decent deals for under $15 provided you go easy on the drinks.