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Jul 18, 2006 09:44 PM

In for one night for a cruise

We are a group of around 15 women, 40's and up, in for one night
and staying at the Sheraton Yankee Clipper, mid week.

Any suggestions for a fun, unique and reasonable restaurant.
Many thanks!

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  1. And at what of the many cruise ports in Florida might the Sheraton Yankee Clipper be located?

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    1. re: patken

      DUH Sorry, Fort Lauderdale

    2. Right next door in the Mariott hotel, there is a wonderful restaurant called 3030 Ocean.

      1. Di you ever see the movie, Analyze This with Robert DeNiro. There is a famous bar scene that was filmed in your hotel. My late husband and I had more than one hilarious afternoon/evening in this ancient 60's throwback bar. (not ancient history but in the last 2 years) I love 3030 is a wonderful place for dinner but I do not think of it as a happening place and dinner is more of a foodie event and can be pricey....not what I think you are looking for.

        How about drinks at this hilarious bar with a view of the pool from the bottom (we witnessed some curious events from swimmers not knowing that they could be seen from underwater.....don't swim there)

        Then I'd cab it up to Las Olas...and take your pick. Lots of great places there. Or venture across A1A and have dinner and fun at Bahia Mar. Check out those million dollar sportfishing boats. LMF