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Don't know what I'd do without my .......?

I love lots of cooking equipment but I don't know what I'd do without my electric kettle. Boils water super fast...& if you drink tea (as I do) it's not just a nice *extra* but a necessity...

What are your can't-do-withouts?

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  1. Funny, I was just talking about the things I HAVE to have, the ones I bring to the BF's every weekend, or have doubles of there..

    chef's knife
    wood cutting board
    lemon reamer (in the summer, anyway)
    mandoline (my benriner; also a summer must for salads)
    stick blender

    1. For me, I can't live without my...

      serrated knife and chef's knife
      silicon spatula
      sheet pan

      As you can tell from my list, I'm more of a baker.

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        Mmmm, true, when I'm at the SO's in the winter, I have to have my 1/2 sheet pans and silpats....

        1. Kitchen Aid stand mixer.
          Makes everything better and easier.


          1. OK dishwasher popped in my head first, but I don't think that's what you meant :-)

            Knives for sure
            microplane zester
            suzi garlic press
            heavy wood boards
            lots of tiny bowls for prep work

            1. Every year my husband and I go to my step mother's family's lake house in Wisconsin - the kitchen is widely equipped, but w/ generally lousy equipment - I just make sure to pack a good knife - though the cutting boards there drive me nuts - those glass ones - so maybe I'll send one ahead as a house guest gift ....

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                Oh god... I hate those cutting boards! It's like nails on a chalkboard to me!

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                  Yeah, I should have known better than to buy glass cutting boards. They were on one of those closeout tables at Home Depot for a few bucks and they looked really cool. I come from a food fanatic family...I should have known better than to use my expensive knives on the glass cutting boards! I wore all of them down. In the trash they went! Luckily, I was able to sharpen them back to like new.

                  As far as, "must have" kitchen items go;
                  2-3 great knives
                  glass and stainless prep bowls in different sizes
                  cutting boards
                  20 year old garlic press
                  20 year old coffee tin
                  AllClad pot set

                  Oh yeah, my XL BIG GREEN EGG GRILL AND SMOKER! Checkout biggreenegg.com for the everything you need to know and also the customer reviews!

              2. Cuisinart processor
                Kitchenaid mixer
                Knives and steel
                Good cutting boards

                1. chef's knife
                  cutting board
                  13+qt. LC round French oven
                  pepper mill

                  1. Cuisinart
                    Henckles Four Star Santoku and 3.5" paring
                    Wustof Grand Prix Boning knife
                    Bamboo cutting board
                    Zyliss Garlic Press
                    Measuring cups and spoons from Baker's Catalogue that include all odd sized measurements. Highly recommended.
                    citrus presses

                    1. My cuisinart food processor. I held off forever, and got one for Xmas. I feel like I use it everday- it has literally changed my life. ~ sigh of contentment ~

                      1. I know it's trendy to "Bash" your garlic with the edge of your knife with some kosher salt, but I really can't do without my stainless steel Williams-Sonoma garlic press. It's almost the same as the Zyless one, but a little different in finish.


                        1. Wustof Gran Prix Santoku
                          Kitchen Aid Mixer
                          Ybarra Olive Oil
                          Big Thai Mortar and Pestle
                          Tons of Prep bowls
                          Heavy plastic cutting board
                          Cuisinart Food Processor
                          Apple Cider Vinegar
                          Granulated Cane Sugar

                          1. Electric ice cream maker. I now can't go to a BBQ or entertain without the repeat guests begging me to bring a fresh quart. I used to say the stick blender, but I recently put a batch of carrot fennel soup in a conventional blender and the consistency was vastly improved.

                            1. Tongs! The spring-loaded kind. I have three ten-inch pairs and a sixteen-inch I use for the grill. It's like having heatproof fingers.

                              1. Good task lighting in the kitchen