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Jul 18, 2006 09:24 PM

Mama Voula's - anyone been?

Please tell me about your experience at Mama Voula's in WLA on Santa Monica Blvd. Thanks.

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  1. Amazing! Best Gyro in LA. And, to me, the best Greek salad as well. That's all I've had there because I can't bring myself to order anything else. Also phylo is very good for desert. Definitely worth a trip. I live in Hollywood but it's a destination when I'm on the westside. Be careful though-- closes early if I remember correctly.

    1. agree on gyro but ok greek salad, not all that authentic.

      some of the other dishes have way too much cinammon, such as the

      1. As I mentioned in a recent post about LA Greek food, non of it is authentic, including Mama Voula's Nevertheless, I am sure it passes the tasty test. Just know you aren't getting the real deal.

        1. I've liked this place very much on each visit. The gyros tasted terrific; I've also liked the marides (fried smelt), grilled baby octopus, and the taramosalata. Can't really address the "authenticity" issue since (I must admit with shame) my basic frames of reference for Greek food are Pico & Normandie and Central New Jersey--but I have liked the food here better than at other Greek places on the westside, or even (for the most part) at Papa Christo's.

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            the smelt aren't all that great if you've had smelt elsewhere, i have to mention. not that i want to take away your pleasure but they weren't all that fresh, if you ask me. nothing dangerous, but just not even average, especially if any of you have ever cooked them yourselves or been to that part of the world.