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Jul 18, 2006 08:57 PM

Happy Hours in Portland

Rec's gor good happy for Drinks
Staying near NW 23rd also Pearl District
More into wine and alcohol not Beer

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  1. It's been awhile since I was there last, but Brazen Bean off of 21st Ave has a nice happy hour martini list. Portland City Grill on top of big pink also has a pretty good happy hour, cheap food, good mixed drinks and a fabulous view.

    1. Vault Martini on NW 12th & Everett
      Bluehour on NW 13th & Everett
      Oba on NW 12th & Hoyt
      Paragon on NW 14th & Hoyt

      Portland City Grill is great for drinks with view, skip the food though .

      1. Just actually got back from happy hour at Jo Bar which is right next to Papa Hayden on NW 23rd. So great! Had amazing Sangria and ginger pear martinis, really tasty burger, decent soup, great ravioli, great bread and butter, etc. Great prices and good people watching.

        1. I had a fantastic experience at Olea (NW 13th and Hoyt). They have a good menu selection including hot pitas with hummus, small pizzas, lobster corndogs, spiced nuts, etc. The drink menu was extensive as well. It was 5PM-7PM.


            The default map setting focuses on NE Portland. But there are plenty of listings citywide.