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Jul 18, 2006 08:48 PM

Restaurant week (Baltimore)

Have reservations at the Prime Rib already but am looking for a second place to try. I don't eat seafood so that cuts out a lot of choices. We're leaning towards Timoty Dean. Any suggestions?


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  1. Mo's Crab & Pasta Factory. Try the Pasta! yummy!

    1. No offense, but IMHO, Mo's is a rather mediocre local chain. Timothy Dean has excellent food. It did have service issues, but they brought in a consultant recently to fix them. I don't know how successful he was as I haven't been since they brought him on board. I would definitely give them a try. TD's website says they will have a different RW menu every night.
      You should also check out Saffron, Asian and Latin fusion at its best. The chef, Edward Kim, is probably Baltimore's best, although Timothy Dean is definitely in his league.

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        I had really wanted to try Saffron, but being that I dont enjoy seafood, I feel I may not enjoy it. Almost all of the raves that I have heard about Saffron have involved some type of fish.

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          There are some excellent meat dishes as well.

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            Yaknow - I had very much wanted to try Saffron, but was terribly disappointed. It had the look and feel and menu of a nice place and the service was excellent, but the food was reall just lacking.

        2. While living in other cities, I looked at restaurant week as a chance to try out restaurant that were otherwise off-limits due to a student budget. After going through the Baltimore Restaurant Week list, it appears that I would be able to order off of the regular menu for less than $30. I am certain that this is the case at places like Uno's and Ding How, but from looking at the online menu it looks like Saffron and Abercrombie fall just at the $30/dinner mark as well.
          Any suggestions on making the most of my restaurant week picks?

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          1. re: becs

            You are correct about the $30 issue, but remember that includes an app and dessert. I think the following places would be the best bargin from their regular menu for an app, entree, and dessert at $30-

            Black Olive
            Blue Sea Grill
            Capital Grille
            Prime Rib
            Timothy Dean
            Tio Pepe

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. Since I haven't been, I can't comment on the food at Saffron, but with 5+ appetizers under $10 and 5+ entrees under $20, doesn't it just make sense to wait until after restaurant week to avoid the crowds and overwhelmed wait-staff?

              1. re: becs

                That's a good point. In fact, I'm going Saturday night. Saffron is a great deal even without restaurant week.

                Honestly, from what I can tell, DC pulls this off really well, but Baltimore just doesn't have it together.

              2. See my opinion on Kim above. All taste is subjective, but he rocks!

                1. Saffron won't be the deal of a lifetime at $30 for app, dinner and dessert, but it has the potential to be more than worth it as almost the entire menu will be available (the way I hear it the foie gras app will be an extra $4 and the rack of lamb dinner an extra $6 - everything else included).

                2. Timothy Deans is GREAT. You will enjoy. I plan to visit during restaurant week.

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                  1. re: live2dine

                    Timothy Deans is the last place that I would go. Our service was so bad that it was hard to believe. We still tipped over 22 percent and I wrote to the manager twice and never received a reply...........too many restaurants in town to put up with that attitude!