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Jul 18, 2006 08:29 PM

Is there any good pizza in Tribeca... girl is having difficulty finding it. Also, I would appreciate knowing any recommended cheap lunch spots there. She reports that many are overpriced, catering to the local botox mommies pushing McLarens.


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  1. Sophie's is one of my favorite cheap lunch spots there on Chambers Street. Tell her to get the pernil...It is tons of food, so the leftovers can probably feed her for dinner too.

    as for pizza, I agree that it is lacking. Not too far away is Adrienne's Pizza Bar, down in the Financial District, which is good.

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      Thanks. She knew of Sophies already; she digs that place. Any others you can think of?

    2. Little Italy Pizza on Park Place makes a pretty good slice.

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      1. re: DaveS

        Thanks alot for the advice. My girl tried Little Italy and loved it, she put it on par with Joe's in the Village, which is pretty good for a slice place.

      2. I'll second, third, and fourth the recommendation for Little Italy Pizza (Park Place between Church and Broadway). Amazing slices. I think plain slices are 2.25, but I could be mistaken.

        1. Pakistani Tea House on Church for good cheap Pakistani food and Mangez Avec Moi (if its still open) for Thai.