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Jul 18, 2006 08:28 PM

Chowhounders and Vintage Stoves?

I was just curious how many chowhounders own vintage stoves? If you do, what do you like best or least about them and what kind do you have? I have an old Wedgewood 36" that looks like this and I love it:

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. We have a very cool, and very functional, 1920s gas stove (with nickel plated gas supply pipes). It's gorgeous and works great as a stove. My only complaint is that it has a single, somewhat small oven space which is sometimes a pain around Thanksgiving. (Have alleviated the problem somewhat by getting a deep fryer for the turkey.)

      1. I have a gas Roper, I'm guessing it's from the 1950's, judging by bthe graphics on the clock (still functional, but i have it unplugged, because there's a crack in the glass that buzzes. It;s quite functional, tho unrestored. I keep an oven thermometer inside to check on temp. It has a gas-hewater on one side, instead of another oven, because it provided the heat in my kitchen...I've always been afraid to use it, tho...

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          have you ever looked into what your Roper would be worth? i have a 1950's Roper double oven with 4 burners and timer. I have been thinking about selling it to a beter home. I don't use it. It is unrestored but in really good condition.

        2. hmmm, cool website. I think this is our stove.

          Didn't know it was "rare"--yikes! Funny thing, it was in the building when we moved in and the new owner of the building had told the maintance guy to haul all the stoves to the dump. The maintanence guy --being too lazy to load the stuff in his truck and haul it away--asked all the new tenants if they wanted a stove. I grabbed this one so we got it for free.

          Its not a bad stove but needs a new thermometer for the oven and probably a general overhaul. hmmm, I wonder how much the stove in the picture sold for?

          My first apartment had an amazing old stove about half the size of the giant kitchen. It had an oven, a griddle and storage bins for dry goods on the side. Everything worked perfectly. I think it was from the 40s or maybe even earlier. It was wonderful. I would have killed to take it when I moved but I was broke and couldn't afford a replacement. I often wonder what happened to it--I know it was worth a bunch but doubt that the landlord realized it. He probably hauled it out to a dump and replaced it with some crappy cheap stove. sigh.

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            Check out the website for Antique Stove Heaven. They've been around the Los Angeles area for years fixing and restoring vintage stoves. We used to have an old O'Keefe & Merritt stove, and found a replacement clock there. They may be able to help you out with restoration and/or parts.

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              Does your clock go on top or is it set in? Our old O'Keefe & Merritt was in our house when we bought it. It has four holes on the top (two sets of two) and I suspect that a clock might have gone there. If that's the case, I'd love to get one. If not -- I wonder what those holes are for...

              1. re: Glencora

                Clock sounds reasonable to me. Also, some old stoves have little shelves/racks for range shakers. I think (like refrigerators came with things) that the shakers themselves came with the stove. So if the stove was white with red trim, so were the shakers.

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              I live in an authentic 40's tri-plex in the Los Angeles area, original tile, fixtures and cloth electrical wiring everywhere (which isn't always a good thing). This stove was here when I moved in, and I'm taking it with me when I go...I'll buy the cheapo landlord a replacement! When I first moved in the oven didn't work, the thermostat is this weird long wire at the top of the oven. My SO turned the oven on, stuck the thing in a glass of ice water and we heard an instant click....and the oven ignited. He thought it was stuck somehow. Anyway, the oven has worked great and keeps perfect temps ever since. You might try this trick on yours.

            3. I have a Roper from the 50s or so, but I miss my O'Keefe and Merritt. Had to leave it behind at the old house, but this one still works like a charm. Oven thermostat is perfectly calibrated.
              If I ever get a new range, I won't have anywhere to put my pots -- I'm so used to the storage area on the left side of the oven!

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                I googled this site as my husband and I was given a 1948 one owner Roper stove. We love it . We have cleaned, and had the chrome refinished.
                Do you know how we could have the thermostat calibrated?
                I had rather have this one than a new range. I love the storage areaon the left side of the oven and the pilot burners keep my kitchen toasty warm in the winter months. thank you