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Jul 18, 2006 07:56 PM

Mofongo in Washington Heights/Inwood

I noticed a sort of Mofongo-R-Us restaurant near the corner of Dyckman and Broadway. The menu listed around 25 types of mofongo. Anybody tried it? Is it worth a trip uptown? Is there anything else on the menu for a person not into mofongo?


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  1. I dropped in at the bar one recent afternoon to grab a beer and catch the tail end of a soccer match on TV. I've been meaning to return for lunch or dinner.

    Grabbed a takeout menu, which besides mofongo lists steaks, chicken (marsala, francese, fra diavolo, and more), seafood (fried or steamed, plus sauteed shrimp dishes), and pastas. Long list of half-pound char-broiled burgers. Also Cubanos and other sandwiches. All-(North)-American breakfast menu from 6 to 11 a.m.

    That mofongo list is impressive: cheese, chicken, goat, sea bass, lobster, vegetables, ribs, sausage, beef, pork chop, crab, Romanian steak, seafood, ham-and-cheese, oxtail, tripe, salmon, chicharron, and egg-salami-and-cheese.

    Albert's Mofongo House, 4762 Broadway (at Dyckman), 212-567-3052

    1. Don't go there unless you want to wait close to two hours for your food, just for a mofongo. it is a very busy place, but the wait is tremendously.

      1. Walk a block or two more north to LA REINA DEL CHICHARRON and get their Mofongo.


        1. Mofongo House probably. There was a review in the Village Voice the other week. I've gotten great feedback from ppl who have tried their Dominican style mofongo.

          1. Hi Josephsm, I just stumbled across this place this past weekend on my way home from Inwood Park. I thought it was great! (Definitely Dominican-style.) I had the one with chicharones; my SO had the beef. I'm used to having mofongo with lots of sauce and these didn't have any--but somehow they avoided being too dry (probably with the benefit of lots of oil added =).

            Cheftamara, thanks for the La Reina tip. I'll have to check 'em out, too. .