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Jul 18, 2006 07:56 PM

Best caterers for a shiva gift?

A friend's father just passed away and they will be sitting shiva. I wanted to send a platter of food for one of the afternoons (probably just finger foods rather than a dinner). Can anyone recommend a caterer/shop that specializes in this? My first thought was Chapman's, but I wanted to see if anyone else had suggestions. Would I be better going with one of the deli's, like Yitz's?

Oh, and they would need to deliver to the Bathurst/Deloraine area. TIA!

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  1. Sonny Langer is a good option. If strict kosherness is not an issue, be creative. I have seen people send in North44, and I can tell you that it was MUCH appreciated.

    1. For something a little bit different, Tov Li does great platters that include falafel balls, salads, pita, tahina and hot sauce-with lots of other veggie options. Perfect for do your own falafels. Brought this once to a shiva and it was a huge success.

      1. Agree with Sonny Langer rec - they do all dairy catering, and therefore kosher, and their food is excellent (they are also great to deal with and well-versed in shiva catering). But, if kosher isn't an issue and given that at least one - if not more - of the meals will invariably be from Sonny Langer, I agree that it's nice to send something a bit different - I've had great experiences with Paese's catering arm (L-Eat?). Middle Eastern food is good - I'm not a huge fan of Tov Li (it's okay) but you could also try Jerusalem or Tabule. Get a sense of how many people will be there for the meal and I'd encourage you not to over-order as the leftovers really start to build up over the course of the week. My condolences.

        1. When my grandfather died, someone thoughtfully sent us a shiva tray from Boujadi, a great Moroccan place on Eglinton West. Although not strictly kosher, you can request vegetarian, carnivore or a combination - and be pleasantly surprised with the results.

          The best part? Everyone does Sonny Langer, whose food is good. This is something different. And yes, they deliver.

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            I know this thread is very old, but wanted to make a comment for all those that may come across it now like I just did. Boujadi is actually Glatt Kosher. The extremely orthodox will not eat from there because they do not have a hechsher due to being open during shabbat. However, the food itself is all kosher, including the meat, and I know many modern orthodox who find it acceptable to eat there. Just saying ... it is very delicious!

          2. Thank you to everyone for all the suggestions. These help me out immensely as this is an area I don't have much experience in. I love the idea of going with something away from the traditional, but still appropriate. I will call Boujadi and Jerusalem, which are two restaurants I love and I know my friend also loves. Thanks again.