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Jul 18, 2006 07:34 PM

What happened to Smoked Tabasco?

Just, 3-4 years back I saw it in everybody's kitchen, the bottle was kinda big, lots of people, including I, who doesn't really care of about Tabasco, loved it. At my at-the-time household Smoked Tabasco was heavily over-used. It was just right, not too vinegary as the plain T, not too hot... I cannot believe that the product was withdrawn for lack of popularity, if that's the case. That big bottle lasted in our house for a week, the regular T lasted like 4 months. Everybody I know who is into food said they loved it. Anybody know what's the story? Or is it sold only at some secret locations?

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  1. Is this the chipotle one with the burnt looking label?

    1. I just bought a bottle last weekend. They still make it.

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        Does it read "smoked?" If so, I wonder why there's no "smoked" in their website.
        The chipotle -label does look similar to the smoked one. Perhaps they just changed the label. Who knows; I'll buy chipotle and try it out, maybe it's the same as smoked.

      2. McIllhenny's website (tabasco.com) still shows the chipotle but doesn't list a "smoked" sauce although smoking is how you make chipotle... They do have a zip-code based "product locator" service through the web so you might try that. One last thing-- the website only lists 5 ounces for the chipotle flavor-- so no big bottles, alas.

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          If you'll look at the picture in this link, you'll see a green band on the neck of the chipotle bottle. It says "smoked". http://www.tabasco.com/main.cfm

        2. What you are misapprehending is most definitely the Chipotle tabasco. Tabasco comes in regular, jalapeno(green), garlic, habanero(my favorite), and chipotle(I've only ever seen it in a big bottle). Of course, I'm not sure what's available in your area, but in Chicago you can find it at any chain supermarket. I gather it remains one of the most popular flavors. It has more of a bbq taste than other chipotle hot sauces. Not bad. I keep a pantry stocked with all the tabasco flavors(and took a summer trip to Avery Island, LA as a child, to boot).

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            While I use the original Tabasco almost exclusively, the chipotle has enough uses to warrant keeping it around. One of my favorite at-home cocktails is a sort of fake Bloody Mary made with V8 and vodka, and a good dash of the chipotle stuff in that wakes it right up. It's also good as a change of pace on eggs, and in small batches of homemade barbecue sauce - for big batches I just use canned chipotles.

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              And Garlic, my favotite. One store in my town carries the chipotle and the other the garlic. I do have both on hand

            2. I agree it has many applications. I've also seen it's subsequent overuse as "chipotle" flavors became the addition du jour several years back. Just last year I remember watching a Food Network "competition" for some completely unrelated event where virtually every contestant's secret ingredient was a big bottle of chipotle tabasco. Though I certainly enjoy it(I use it in tuna and egg salads), it's a definite dumbing-down of the complex heat and flavor profile of chipotle pepper(s). No matter what Rick Bayless's smiling face implies.

              For serious cooking I have my chipotle in adobo(sometimes I wash the adobo from the chiles, others I include it...depends on the recipe) and a selection of beautiful, sweet moritas. Chipotle tabasco coupled with it's dozens of additions is really it's own tasty product.

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                I have a bottle with a green lable at the top that says "Smoked Tabasco". The main lable says "Chipotle". Yhis is a 5 oz bottle. I've not seen a bigger bottle of it on the Left Coast...

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                  That's the one. I actually never noticed it reads, "smoked tabasco." It was released at the height of the chipotle craze some years back. And, of course, the main label reads: Chipotle Tabasco. I actually always wished it came in the reg. size bottle. Never having seen the smaller, I assumed it was only available in the big bottle.