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Jul 18, 2006 07:25 PM

Eats in Framingham/Natick


I work out in Framingham, on Rt. 9 and 126. I sometimes bring my lunch, but when I don't I look for something good to eat. I went to Whole Foods today for some of their sushi. I also hit Franco's and Minado sometimes. Oh, and if you've never been Firefly's off 126 near Stop and Shop is awesome. Better than, dare I say it, Redbones in my hood.

So anybody have any good places for grub? To satisy my lunch cravings? I'll eat just about anything.

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  1. Sichuan Gourmet
    Uncle Cheungs
    Chicken Bone Saloon
    Chef Orient has a decent lunch buffet
    Lotus Flower has a nice lunch buffet
    Michi Kusa - sushi - japanese
    John Harvards brew pub
    Legal seafood

    1. I'll second most of the places already mentioned.

      If you head north on Concord Street / Route 126 and stay on Concord Street after Route 126 splits off to the right on School Street, there's a small Mexican (and possibly also Salvadoran?) place called Cancun that has potential. Not great in 2 tries but definitely good, different and worthwhile. Slow service though.

      If you head slightly further north on Concord, take a left on Central and a quick right on Water Street, there's a Chinese buffet in a converted Friendly's called Oriental Pearl. Good food, great value, but be sure to go on a busy day like a Friday to ensure good turnover of the items.

      1. There's always the Kelly's inside the Jordan's Furniture on Rt 9.

        1. Second Uncle Cheungs and Sichuan Gourmet. Also Terra Brasilis, Rasoi, The Aztec, J&M Diner.

          What is it that you've had at Firefly that you like? I've been there twice, ordered BBQ twice and been underwhelmed both times.

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            As far as Firefly's, it's no destination place. But I liked their burgers and their all you can eat buffet is pretty good. I think they split from Tennesee's, which is nearby. I prefer the que at Firefly's to Tennesee's. It's also nicer if you want to sit down. I am not calling this great barbeque. The last good taste of that I had was in Dallas.

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              The one time I went to Firefly's, their brisket was pretty good plus I like the various sauce options. It was comparable to the brisket at blue ribbon and the old Jake's Boss. Fries were frozen (as expected) but fine for that day. Decent selection of beer. It's not a destination but it's better than passable. I quit eating 'cue at Redbones about a year ago. Maybe I need to revisit.

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                In Framingham, I prefer Tennesee's for pulled pork. I like Firefly's ribs better, though. Jake's Roadhouse in Waltham has even better pulled pork, however, but that's not in Framingham :)

              2. I live pretty close to where you work. I would recommend Curry Leaf in the Sherwood Plaza for very good Indian. Also, you're just a few steps away from B&R Breads (intersection of 30 and 9) -- as has been discussed in other threads, they have excellent breads and pastries, and once in a while I notice they have a sandwich special as well...