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Good Early Dinner by Embarcadero Center

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Looking for something good and something new, preferably no steakhouses. Again, something near One Embarcadero Center. Food quality is more important than price, but cheap and good is always a good combination. Must serve dinner by 5:30 at the latest (we need to be done by 6:45). It's for this Thursday. Thanks!

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  1. Jeanty at Jack's (open continuously weekdays)
    Palio d'Asti (opens for dinner at 5:30)
    Bocadillos (open continuously)

    1. Certainly not new, but may I suggest Tadich Grill at 240 California St. if you haven't already been? This would be the perfect opportunity to try it out, since they don't start filling up until 5:30pm. Their mesquite grill fish entrées are incredible!

      1. I second the Tadich recommendation. Very "old school," but fun.

        1. A five minute walk or so, but I really enjoyed a meal at Cafe Claude a few months ago (http://www.cafeclaude.com/).

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            A bit more than a 5-minute walk, but what do you recommend at Cafe Claude?

            Cafe Claude report -

          2. I'd second the Bocadillos rec, especially dining that early.