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Jul 18, 2006 07:24 PM

Good Early Dinner by Embarcadero Center

Looking for something good and something new, preferably no steakhouses. Again, something near One Embarcadero Center. Food quality is more important than price, but cheap and good is always a good combination. Must serve dinner by 5:30 at the latest (we need to be done by 6:45). It's for this Thursday. Thanks!

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  1. Jeanty at Jack's (open continuously weekdays)
    Palio d'Asti (opens for dinner at 5:30)
    Bocadillos (open continuously)

    1. Certainly not new, but may I suggest Tadich Grill at 240 California St. if you haven't already been? This would be the perfect opportunity to try it out, since they don't start filling up until 5:30pm. Their mesquite grill fish entrées are incredible!

      1. I second the Tadich recommendation. Very "old school," but fun.

        1. A five minute walk or so, but I really enjoyed a meal at Cafe Claude a few months ago (

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            A bit more than a 5-minute walk, but what do you recommend at Cafe Claude?

            Cafe Claude report -

          2. I'd second the Bocadillos rec, especially dining that early.