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Kansas City Role Call


Well, I know we lost some people a little bit before the transition, but I've seen some people resurfacing and I've seen possibly some new names too. Just wondering who's still out there? And where have you been eating lately?

We've enjoyed La Cocina Del Puerco (91st and Metcalf) since we moved here about a year and a half ago, but hadn't eaten there in a while. We've been there twice in the past couple of weeks and have thoroughly enjoyed both times! I almost always get the carnitas... so good! And I truly believe that they do in fact have the best margarita in town! And I don't know if their t-shirts have always said this and I'm just now noticing, but love the saying, "Mexican food so authentic, you'll think twice about drinking the water!" :-)

We've also been enjoying Spin Pizza (roughly 119th and Metcalf.) I adore the fresh ingredients and inventive pizza toppings, my personal favorite is the Prosciutto and Spinach with Fig Marmalade! Also, the gelato is outstanding! The lunch special really can't be beat in my book!

Anyway, just checking in to see who all is out there and if anyone has rediscovered an old favorite or discovered a new one! Welcome back Kansas City Chowhounds!

  1. I totally agree on Spin Pizza, and the prosciutto and spinach with the fig and onion marmalade is my favorite too. We always go at lunch time and get their lunch special which includes one of their salads, they are excellent also.Oh yeah, and the gelato.

    Haven't been to La Cocina del Puerco for a while but agree their food is good. Will have to go there again soon.

    I'm hoping this weekend to try Bonefish Grill on 135th & maybe Nall. I know it's a chain but have heard really good things about it. Has anyone been there?

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      Hi Chris! Were you posting on the "old" Chowhound under a different name or are you new to the board? Welcome or welcome back, either way!

      We haven't tried Bonefish Grill, but I was curious also. We live very close to it, so I hope it's good so we can have another place to go in our neighborhood.

      Have you tried Coco Bolo's (151st and Nall?) This was my favorite restaurant in Manhattan while I was going to K-state, and they recently opened up the Leawood location. I was never disappointed in Manhattan and I've had one great experience and one not-so-hot experience here, but am hoping for the best.

      Glad to see another Spin fan!

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        No, I've always used this name. I don't post a lot but have been lurking for several years now. I love this sight! While I'm at work, I check the boards usually several times a day, as you can see I'm already back again :)
        I will put Coco Bolo's on my list to try, hadn't heard of it. I don't get out that way much these days. I live in Olathe and work at 95th & Mission.

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          Yeah, sometimes I think I check the boards more often than I work! ;-) Don't tell!

          I'm glad to see you posting... I hope you post more often!

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        Thanks for reposting your query about Bonefish Grill on the Chains board, it can be found here:


      3. Hey! If you like Cocina del Puerco, you should try Casa Tienda Paloma (Tienda Casa Paloma? some combination of those words) at 83rd and Metcalf. I'm not TOTALLY sold, but I've eaten there a couple of times, and I think it's the real deal. Breakfast all day, some excellent salsas, good Mexican (more interior than border (not that there's anything wrong with border cooking -- South Texas represent!)).

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          Yep, La Tienda Casa Paloma is one of our favorites too! We like to eat breakfast there, you'll find us there on quite a few Saturday mornings! (I'm the white girl who orders the french toast!!) I adore the owner... she makes you feel like a regular your second time coming in! Also a great place to find authentic Mexican ingredients.

        2. I'm brand new! Just joined today. I'm trying to figure out how the heck I'd never heard of this website until today!! Anywho, I'm Carman. I live in the Westport area and I love to cook. I've lived in KC most of my life, but have never really gotten out much. I have a few favorite restaurants, but haven't really been eating out for a few years. I love Carmen's Cafe in Brookside.

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            Welcome Carman! I noticed your name on another post and was wondering about you! (You'll be addicted from now on! I have "Mushroom" to thank for my addiction!!) The Kansas City Chowhounders have taken some hits here recently, but hopefully we can build it back up! Lucky you, living in the Westport area... plenty to choose from around there! (We live in southern Johnson County, but there's still some good choices here despite what others may think! ;-) I've never been to Carmen's Cafe, but I do love Brookside! What kind of food do they have?

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              Goodness! How could I have forgotten about Carmen's???? One of our all time favorite restaurants in the KC area! My husband goes nuts for the calamari (I have to agree). I think their spedini is better than Garrozzo's (though I still enjoy Garrozzo's). And we always have the best service.

            2. Carmen's is Garrozzo's menu transplanted to Brookside. It and Accurso's on Main keep my family out of the lines at Osteria del Centro (is this the right name?. Since I've mentioned them, I'm surprised we don't see Garrozzo's or Accurso's recommended here more often. What are the KC Chowhounders favorite Italian places? Lidia's must be on the list. Jane mentions Jaspers occasionally. What am I missing? With offices recently relocated to Parkville, do we know anything about Franks?

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                Ugh... the only Garrozzo's I've been to is the one here in OP and it was not good, but I know, I know, that's not the one to try!! (I need to get to the other ones!)

                I think it's Osteria Il Centro, if I'm not mistaken.

                We really haven't been to that many Italian places since we've been here, although I don't really know why. We did make it to the Italian Food Fest a while back... Lidia was there and presented. I haven't made it to Lidia's yet either... I've heard it's hit and miss? We really enjoyed Il Trullo, but have only been there once. I have a KC Restaurant Guide gift certificate and a kansascitymenus.com gift certificate (to Vivace) both burning a hole in my pocket, so I may have to try some of the Italian places on the list! I like Cupini's for more casual Italian. We often get their fresh pasta and sauce to go and have that for dinner at home.

                1. re: BChow

                  Welcome to the Northland - land of a thousand chain restaurants. I thought Johnson County was bad - not so much now! Haven't tried or heard of Frank's - will have to ask some of the native Northlanders. Though one of them did tell me how much they loved the Olive Garden the other day (Please denote sarcasm in my statement.)

                  Italian - I'm with the lovely Katie - Love, love, love Il Trullo. However -I haven't heard a thing about them since they closed shop and were suppose to revamp their menu and remodel (thank goodness - the lighting was hideous). And that was a year or so ago. Anyone?

                  Lidia's has always been hit or miss with me. My husband thinks it's one of the most overrated places in KC - I can't get him to go to often. Fortunately, I can occasionally make it over for lunch with a friend who adores the place.

                  I do enjoy the original Garrozzo's.

                  I haven't been to Jasper's in forever - but thought it was adequate the last time we were there.

                  1. re: Mushroom

                    I hadn't heard that about Il Trullo! I'll have to drive by and check it out... it's not a very attractive location, in my opinion. And you're right, the interior definitely left a little bit to be desired. I will check it out and report back. (I have you to thank for that recommendation!)

                    I have definitely heard that about Lidia's, but am anxious to try it out for myself.

                      1. re: Katie Nell

                        Yes, I think this is very exciting news . . .the power of both of those boys in that kitchen with their combined experience and pedigree should be intoxicating! I am going to have to save up my fun money to experience the "Hook-me-up" menu at the new Il Trullo.

                        1. re: Katie Nell

                          Yes - I saw that! Doesn't it sound fantastic? I loved it before and now it seems to be even better. Looks like we'll be making a trip down South sometime soon.

                      2. re: BChow

                        Lidia's is fantastic, never had a bad meal there.

                      3. Rookie making his inaugural post...Been reading the boards for years, but have always stayed on the sidelines. Had a nice run of eating out this past week in KC, so I figured it was a good opportunity to fire up a post –

                        Copa Room – Italian joint at 34th & Broadway. Had always heard good things, and it lived up to the hype. Took down the sampler platter (lasagna, chicken spedini, and penne with Alfredo) and enjoyed every last bite. Although I was forced to lie down in the back set on the drive home, not good times. Also, do yourself a favor a save room for cheesecake, at least one bite, may be the best in the city.

                        The Bristol – Oldie, but goodie. It had been a while. Feasted on the featured halibut with sweet potato and bacon hash...amazing. Also sampled my sister-in-law’s Copper River salmon, excellent. Oh, and don’t forget about the biscuits, with those addictive chemicals.

                        La Cocina del Puerco – Also an old favorite that we hit up on Friday evening. It had been a while, didn’t know they went from cafeteria style ordering upon arrival, to sit down situation with waiters. I kind of liked the old way, unique. The salsa was very good, fresh. My chicken tostada left a little to be desired, the carnitas will be ordered next visit. My wife really enjoyed her fish tacos. Lastly, our server forgot to put our order in, which actually only caused a slight delay in service, however, the manager still comped our meals, which was a good call.

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                        1. re: KC Hound

                          Welcome to you also, KC Hound!

                          We have not been to the Copa Room, but having the best cheesecake in town is pretty high praise! Will definitely be checking that out!

                          We were recently at the Bristol too (it's my future father-in-law's favorite.) I really like their lobster bisque, but I'm a sucker for any bisque really! I'm not sure why but I felt like chicken that night and it definitely left a lot to be desired... I should have stuck with the seafood!

                          Definitely get the carnitas at La Cocina del Puerco next time... I honestly won't get anything else there, well, except for the margarita of course!

                          1. re: KC Hound

                            Good for you for chiming in, keep those reccos coming.

                            1. re: ChinoWayne

                              I've been away for awhile, pouting, but the hounds bring me back with all this talk of mexican food. I just tried Tienda La Casa Paloma, it was great, tacos al pastor were killer and the salsa bar with the extra hot green sauce and all the cilantro and onions you want was great. I would also recommend any of the Taqueria Mexico locations in KC, as well as El Pueblito on SW blvd, & Laura's in KCK for really authentic mexican, and I like Charritos in Independence for tacos al pastor as well.
                              Also tried Spin this weekend, very impressed: spinach salad with glazed pecans, goat cheese, onions, chianti vinaigrette was really good, I had the prosciutto spinach pizza mentioned above and it was good too, also had the tahitian vanilla gellato, my wife had the rapsberry white chocolate gellato and it was awesome, with little chunks of white chocolate.

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                                Zeke... don't pout, just post! :-) Welcome back to you also! Glad you liked Spin! It's definitely a go-to for us.

                                Do you happen to know who has the best Mexican pastries in town? I know someone who would be very happy to receive some!

                              2. re: ChinoWayne

                                CW. Have you & the Mrs. been traveling lately? Have I missed the reports? Even in KC we need news of the Inland Empire food scene.

                                1. re: BChow

                                  For your vicarious reading pleasure, a couple of recent trips:



                                  And in terms of the Dining Wilderness of The Inland Empire:


                            2. My favorite place for Mexican pastries is Reyna's at 727 Kansas Avenue, just a little west of 7th St. Trafficway on the south side of the street. It can be very crowded Saturday mornings but the lines move quickly. And it's so inexpensive! You can get a grocery bag full of assorted pastries for very little money.

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                              1. re: zataar

                                Thanks for the suggestion! We'll check it out!

                              2. There's a fabulous Iranian place over near 87th & Pflumm called KC Kabob & Grill. It's one of the few places where the quality of the buffet almost matches that of the menu items. They have beef kabob, chicken (Iranian and tandoori), hummus, a raita-like yogurt dish, and many other great items.

                                For pizza, I really enjoy the Bengal Tiger over at Grinder's on 18th & Oak in KC. It's one of the few funky, neighborhood hangout places that feels 'real'. It's an awesome place with awesome food.

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                                1. re: reenum

                                  People I work with have been talking up Grinder's - forever. We've even ordered from there a couple of times and I've been underwhelmed. However - I've also been under the impression that I'm just ordering the wrong d*mn thing. Tell me more about this Bengal Tiger of which you speak....

                                  1. re: Mushroom

                                    It's marvelous. They put pesto, tandoori chicken (baked in the Grinders pizza oven), crabmeat, cilantro and hearts of palm on the pizza. Each time I've had it, the crust has been slightly crispy, which I like. It's simply divine. I've heard of tandoori chicken pizzas at joints in SF, and I was quite happy to find one here in the Metro.

                                    They also have the most authentic Philly cheesesteaks I've had here in KC. It's almost like Geno's in Philly.

                                    1. re: reenum

                                      i have to second the cheesesteaks at grinder's. they'll even make one with turkey, which is absolutely melt-in-your-mouth good.

                                  2. re: reenum

                                    What in particular would you recommend at KC Kabob and Grill? I've seen but haven't ventured in yet, and it's on my beaten path.

                                    1. re: amyzan

                                      I'd say the kababs are really good and juicy. I like the beef better than the chicken.

                                      I also like their felafels, and there's a dish with chicken meatballs in gravy that I always get at the buffet.

                                      In the buffet, there's a rice dish that has raisins in it that's out of this world. I'm sure they serve it at dinner, but the name escapes me.

                                      My recomendation is to try the lunch buffet if you can. That'll give you a good sense of the menu items. They have one on Saturdays and Sundays if you can't make it during the week.

                                      1. re: reenum

                                        I agree! I live in this neck of the woods and just recently spotted KC Kabob and Grill tucked in a corner of a strip mall on 87th. I went in for lunch on Saturday and had the buffet . . .it was really very authentic and very reasonably priced. Everyone eating in the place seemed to be Middle Eastern which is always a great sign when dining at an ethnic restaurant. The people that own this place are so nice and very interested in describing to you all of the dishes on the buffet. Have no fear . . .you must eat here!

                                  3. I am new to chowhound. Not sure why since I love food and my husband and I are constantly searching for great KC restaurants. Anyway, I found this thread by doing a general "Kansas City" search and was wondering whether there is a kc forum and how I access it.

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                                      Welcome to Chowhound! At this time all Kansas City discussion happens here in the Midwest forum. Please post any further questions about the Chowhound site on our Site Talk forum at http://www.chowhound.com/boards/show/30

                                      We're looking forward to hearing about your chow favorites!

                                    2. I'm here! Definitely a KC Chowhound, but hampered a bit by the two-year-old boy who isn't into trying new and exotic foods. :) We live in Johnson County, but we'll go most anywhere for a good meal. We're always looking for good places to try--we love barbecue (the original Jack Stack is our favorite), Mexican, Italian, etc. Any ideas?


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                                      1. re: bbittner68

                                        Put me and my wife on the roll call. We have very adventurous tastes and travel all around for good eats. Love to hear any suggestions...

                                      2. Hey all, new to the KC Chow Hounds. We live in Prairie Village and with 3 under 5 we stay tend to stick to the family friendly places closer to home. Piropos is a favorite for a Date Night and I am saddened to learn of the move.

                                        A couple questions for my new foodie friends.

                                        1.) There was a phenomenal review of Benton's steakhouse in the Star recently and we are heading there soon for a night out...any thoughts?

                                        2.) We are heading to Denver for a weekend getaway soon. Any thoughts on the best places to eat in the Mile High City?



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                                          McBride's has a very kid-friendly Sunday brunch (kids eat free). It is good as well.

                                        2. Hi! Brand new to the site. My husband and I live in OP and we're excited to read all the great replies. We try to get out once/week so look forward to hearing from you all!

                                          1. Huge foodie in KC, happy to find you all out there and online. Please do not let little ones hamper your desire to find and try new original restaurants in Kansas City. Don't wait for date night or pack the back-up turkey sandwich/goldfish crackers. Take your little ones on a culinary adventure and serve them a little bit of what you are eating. Trust me they will love it if you do. In an Asian restaurant give them chop sticks to eat with in a Mexian restaurant get them to eat something other than the American cheeseburger and fries to nosh on. I implore you, we have a tremendous job ahead of us to teach our little ones in the midwest other languages and cultures and food is a universal way of learning about another culture. I keep a running resturuant log of all the new things going on with the restuarant scene in KC and I am in the business, so ask me anything I'll see what I can come up with for you.

                                            1. jvergara, I hear you talking. Our 3 year old is adventerous and will try anything. Unfortunately, her elder brother is stubborn on his choices and will stick to the basics. He loves to help cook, but sticks to the chicken fingers and quesadillas when we are out (much to our dismay). Any thoughts on Bentons? You mentioned you keep a log of all the new things going on. What is the latest? Anything new opening soon or coming to town?

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                                              1. re: dburris01

                                                My dearest friends in the world celebrate their anniversary every year at Bentons and they swear by it. I have heard fantastic things about their food and atmosphere, and their Sunday brunch. I have to confess I have not tried it because it is located in a hotel . . .I know, I know too silly for words. But you should go and see what it is all about then report back . . .convince us it is worth the gas money.

                                              2. For all of you who like La Cocina del Puerco, try a bit further north on Metcalf ... La Tienda Casa Paloma. You won't be disappointed. Truly authentic, right down to the Mexican pastries and flan. The tamales are wrapped in banana leaves, the food is very authentic and very good.

                                                As far as getting the little ones to eat, it's such a gift to introduce them to new foods. You can start this at home by putting favorites on the plate alongside a new taste.

                                                1. I had lunch today at a little place in KCK called Rincon Colombiana and it was a pleasant surprise. The portions were huge, the flavors were excellent and the prices were moderate. I don't recommend the arepas, but the tostones were nice and crispy. The homemade salsa was good without being a burnout, it added flavor which is what a condiment should do instead of becoming all that you taste. I had the skirt steak, delicious. It is on n 6th street near downtown.

                                                  1. Two new finds for me today. For pastries and all those good things like that, Artisan Francais on 119th in Overland Park. I had the Quiche Lorraine and a petit pain au chocolate for breakfast with a cafe au lait. Wonderful

                                                    For lunch I went back over to KCK and had BBQ at Jones BBQ on 6th near downtown. The burnt ends sandwich was huge, the meat was moist and not overcooked. I also had a taste of the rib ends, try that one also. And the Baked beans were full of meat and the homemade sauce. The sauce is sweet tangy with a pepper kick. This is some good eatn'. Just proves that you can have good bbq in KCK, you don't have to stick to the touristy regular places over in KCMO.

                                                    1. Perhaps we should begin new threads for new food finds or recommendations in KC. This thread seems to be getting a bit clogged, and is no longer serving its purpose as a 'role call' for KC foodies. Just my two cents.