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Jul 18, 2006 07:09 PM

Kansas City Role Call


Well, I know we lost some people a little bit before the transition, but I've seen some people resurfacing and I've seen possibly some new names too. Just wondering who's still out there? And where have you been eating lately?

We've enjoyed La Cocina Del Puerco (91st and Metcalf) since we moved here about a year and a half ago, but hadn't eaten there in a while. We've been there twice in the past couple of weeks and have thoroughly enjoyed both times! I almost always get the carnitas... so good! And I truly believe that they do in fact have the best margarita in town! And I don't know if their t-shirts have always said this and I'm just now noticing, but love the saying, "Mexican food so authentic, you'll think twice about drinking the water!" :-)

We've also been enjoying Spin Pizza (roughly 119th and Metcalf.) I adore the fresh ingredients and inventive pizza toppings, my personal favorite is the Prosciutto and Spinach with Fig Marmalade! Also, the gelato is outstanding! The lunch special really can't be beat in my book!

Anyway, just checking in to see who all is out there and if anyone has rediscovered an old favorite or discovered a new one! Welcome back Kansas City Chowhounds!

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    1. I totally agree on Spin Pizza, and the prosciutto and spinach with the fig and onion marmalade is my favorite too. We always go at lunch time and get their lunch special which includes one of their salads, they are excellent also.Oh yeah, and the gelato.

      Haven't been to La Cocina del Puerco for a while but agree their food is good. Will have to go there again soon.

      I'm hoping this weekend to try Bonefish Grill on 135th & maybe Nall. I know it's a chain but have heard really good things about it. Has anyone been there?

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      1. re: ChrisKC

        Hi Chris! Were you posting on the "old" Chowhound under a different name or are you new to the board? Welcome or welcome back, either way!

        We haven't tried Bonefish Grill, but I was curious also. We live very close to it, so I hope it's good so we can have another place to go in our neighborhood.

        Have you tried Coco Bolo's (151st and Nall?) This was my favorite restaurant in Manhattan while I was going to K-state, and they recently opened up the Leawood location. I was never disappointed in Manhattan and I've had one great experience and one not-so-hot experience here, but am hoping for the best.

        Glad to see another Spin fan!

        1. re: Katie Nell

          No, I've always used this name. I don't post a lot but have been lurking for several years now. I love this sight! While I'm at work, I check the boards usually several times a day, as you can see I'm already back again :)
          I will put Coco Bolo's on my list to try, hadn't heard of it. I don't get out that way much these days. I live in Olathe and work at 95th & Mission.

          1. re: ChrisKC

            Yeah, sometimes I think I check the boards more often than I work! ;-) Don't tell!

            I'm glad to see you posting... I hope you post more often!

        2. re: ChrisKC

          Thanks for reposting your query about Bonefish Grill on the Chains board, it can be found here:

        3. Hey! If you like Cocina del Puerco, you should try Casa Tienda Paloma (Tienda Casa Paloma? some combination of those words) at 83rd and Metcalf. I'm not TOTALLY sold, but I've eaten there a couple of times, and I think it's the real deal. Breakfast all day, some excellent salsas, good Mexican (more interior than border (not that there's anything wrong with border cooking -- South Texas represent!)).

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          1. re: heatherkay

            Yep, La Tienda Casa Paloma is one of our favorites too! We like to eat breakfast there, you'll find us there on quite a few Saturday mornings! (I'm the white girl who orders the french toast!!) I adore the owner... she makes you feel like a regular your second time coming in! Also a great place to find authentic Mexican ingredients.

          2. I'm brand new! Just joined today. I'm trying to figure out how the heck I'd never heard of this website until today!! Anywho, I'm Carman. I live in the Westport area and I love to cook. I've lived in KC most of my life, but have never really gotten out much. I have a few favorite restaurants, but haven't really been eating out for a few years. I love Carmen's Cafe in Brookside.

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            1. re: MrsMillar

              Welcome Carman! I noticed your name on another post and was wondering about you! (You'll be addicted from now on! I have "Mushroom" to thank for my addiction!!) The Kansas City Chowhounders have taken some hits here recently, but hopefully we can build it back up! Lucky you, living in the Westport area... plenty to choose from around there! (We live in southern Johnson County, but there's still some good choices here despite what others may think! ;-) I've never been to Carmen's Cafe, but I do love Brookside! What kind of food do they have?

              1. re: MrsMillar

                Goodness! How could I have forgotten about Carmen's???? One of our all time favorite restaurants in the KC area! My husband goes nuts for the calamari (I have to agree). I think their spedini is better than Garrozzo's (though I still enjoy Garrozzo's). And we always have the best service.

              2. Carmen's is Garrozzo's menu transplanted to Brookside. It and Accurso's on Main keep my family out of the lines at Osteria del Centro (is this the right name?. Since I've mentioned them, I'm surprised we don't see Garrozzo's or Accurso's recommended here more often. What are the KC Chowhounders favorite Italian places? Lidia's must be on the list. Jane mentions Jaspers occasionally. What am I missing? With offices recently relocated to Parkville, do we know anything about Franks?

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                1. re: BChow

                  Ugh... the only Garrozzo's I've been to is the one here in OP and it was not good, but I know, I know, that's not the one to try!! (I need to get to the other ones!)

                  I think it's Osteria Il Centro, if I'm not mistaken.

                  We really haven't been to that many Italian places since we've been here, although I don't really know why. We did make it to the Italian Food Fest a while back... Lidia was there and presented. I haven't made it to Lidia's yet either... I've heard it's hit and miss? We really enjoyed Il Trullo, but have only been there once. I have a KC Restaurant Guide gift certificate and a gift certificate (to Vivace) both burning a hole in my pocket, so I may have to try some of the Italian places on the list! I like Cupini's for more casual Italian. We often get their fresh pasta and sauce to go and have that for dinner at home.

                  1. re: BChow

                    Welcome to the Northland - land of a thousand chain restaurants. I thought Johnson County was bad - not so much now! Haven't tried or heard of Frank's - will have to ask some of the native Northlanders. Though one of them did tell me how much they loved the Olive Garden the other day (Please denote sarcasm in my statement.)

                    Italian - I'm with the lovely Katie - Love, love, love Il Trullo. However -I haven't heard a thing about them since they closed shop and were suppose to revamp their menu and remodel (thank goodness - the lighting was hideous). And that was a year or so ago. Anyone?

                    Lidia's has always been hit or miss with me. My husband thinks it's one of the most overrated places in KC - I can't get him to go to often. Fortunately, I can occasionally make it over for lunch with a friend who adores the place.

                    I do enjoy the original Garrozzo's.

                    I haven't been to Jasper's in forever - but thought it was adequate the last time we were there.

                    1. re: Mushroom

                      I hadn't heard that about Il Trullo! I'll have to drive by and check it out... it's not a very attractive location, in my opinion. And you're right, the interior definitely left a little bit to be desired. I will check it out and report back. (I have you to thank for that recommendation!)

                      I have definitely heard that about Lidia's, but am anxious to try it out for myself.

                        1. re: Katie Nell

                          Yes, I think this is very exciting news . . .the power of both of those boys in that kitchen with their combined experience and pedigree should be intoxicating! I am going to have to save up my fun money to experience the "Hook-me-up" menu at the new Il Trullo.

                          1. re: Katie Nell

                            Yes - I saw that! Doesn't it sound fantastic? I loved it before and now it seems to be even better. Looks like we'll be making a trip down South sometime soon.

                        2. re: BChow

                          Lidia's is fantastic, never had a bad meal there.