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Jul 18, 2006 07:05 PM

Le Fandy in Fair Haven...suggestions?

I wanted to go here with my husband this week one night, and since this restaurant does not have a website (unless they do and I do not know about it) it is hard for me to decide. Is the food of great quality like I have heard?

All your input is always apprciated!

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  1. hello:

    Just got back from 10 days in vegas. I will try to
    wake up and post a long trip report in the Southwest
    board about it.

    As for Le Fandy, with the Fromagerie currently undergoing,
    shall we say kindly, growing pains, Le Fandy is now the
    best and most consistent place in the area.

    I am completely wiped from a 15 hour nightmare getting
    home, so I will just lazily post this link:

    and also suggest the molten chocolate tart to finish.


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    1. re: seal

      Thanks, Seal! I always trust yuour judgement on many restaurants! I hope you had a nice time in Vegas! When you have a chance (after recuperating from you long trip) what is going on with Fromogerie? Is it true David Burke bought the place? My husband's b-day is this weekend and I wanted to try something new. We love French food, but that is very hard to find in our area. We used to enjoy Fromogerie, but the lat 2 times we were there (back in Feb) the place was a little off.

      SO when you find time, I would be happy to hear your news and thoughts!

      Welcome home, Seal!

      1. re: Angelina

        Hey, Angelina, Yes, it is true that David Burke now owns Fromagerie. Like you, we were very disappointed with our last dinner there in Jan. '05. Burke has already substantially revamped the menu, and I read a report on another food forum from someone who dined there very recently (and whose opinion I trust) which indicated that the food is now excellent. I don't think I would describe Burke's cuisine as French, more New American with French underpinnings. We had his food at the Park Avenue Cafe, and it was delicious. Fromagerie is definitely on our "go to" list. You can see the new menu on their website:

        As for Le Fandy, as you can see, the review Seal has linked to pre-dates the change of ownership. We had dinner there once when the restaurant was under its original ownership. The food was quite good then, and I've heard from various sources that the quality has not deteriorated. But, of course, with a new chef, the cuisine is bound to be different. It really bugs me that they have no website. In our internet-connected age, I think it's inexcusable for a restaurant of the caliber Le Fandy aspires to not to have one.

        Btw, I saw your post on the Manhattan Board. I would agree with some of the suggested places, Eleven Madison in particular. Exquisite cuisine! I am not a fan of Cafe Loup and Artisanal.

        1. re: Angelina


          My inlaws have lived in Rumson for more than 25 years now and Fromagerie used to be their favorite restaurant. We went with them two weeks ago, just before I left for vegas.

          Forget about the fact that the complimentary salad and soup with the entrees used to be among the best deals around, let's talk about the general taste of the food.

          There is no question of the quality and freshness of the ingredients. There is also no questioning the involvement of David Burke. He was there when we visited and personally came around to all the tables asking how everything was.

          What has changed, and not for the better is the taste of the food. It is not that we do not enjoy Mr. Burke's cuisine, as we always enjoy our meals at David Burke and Donnatella. But this is not that food.

          Of the four of us, we all agreed that the overall experience was not even up to former Fromagerie standards. Nothing was bad, but ... even the desserts were almost ordinary and nothing was finished at the end of the meal. Many times in the past, the bread was fought over to mop up the last of each of the sauces.

          As for Le Fandy, they managed the change of ownership much better and faster and we still enjoy everything there as much as we always have.

          Right now at least, Le Fandy is a better choice. I plan on giving Fromagerie some time and then returning.

          By the way Angelina, on a personal note, I am a male elementary school teacher with a highly developed female side to me ;o) That and my trip report is now up on the southwest board.


          1. re: seal

            Wow! seal, Your opinion about Burke's food at Fromagerie couldn't have been more different from the food forum report I mentioned. And, as I said, it's someone whose opinions I value, especially because they generally correlate quite closely to mine. This sounds like a case of inconsistency, which more shakedown time will (I hope) remedy.

            1. re: RGR

              Hey RGR ... I'm curious as to which food forum contained a review of Fromagerie. I didn't catch it and would like to read it. Despite a decidedly mediocre meal at Fromagerie earlier this year, I'm intrigued to try out the new menu. Thanks!!

      2. Thanks you both RGR and SEAL! (First, sorry Seal if I ever offended you by think you were female :( I grew up with a girl named Cecilia and for short we called her Seal. so I do apologize! Please forgive me!)

        I agree RGR about Le Fandy not having a website! Afteraall, it is 2006 as you discussed. Thanks for your tip from th Manhattan post on Eleven Madison Park. I did not recognize the other names who posted the restaurants, so I was a bit query.

        I suppose I will wait as well to dine at Fromogerie once again. I do look forward to Le Fandy. Something different anyhow.

        I hope you read my review on the Avenue in Long Branch. I know Seal eas also dissappointed. This place needs to do some major changes before I go back!

        Thnaks again RGR and SEAL! Always a pleasure to hear from you both!

        Have a wonderful day,


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        1. re: Angelina

          The D.J. Adore website has Le Fandy's menus along with those of many N.J. restaurants -

          The NJ Life website is also a good resource -

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. I thought I posted how FABULOUS this place is!!! So far, we have been there 4 times :) All wonderful experiences. I would definately recommend this place over and over. Always a pleasure when we are there. Maria, who is part of the wait staff made our first visit so memorable. She was so friendly and paced everything out perfectly. I know that is also the kitchen, so I must commend both! It is our new favorite place!!