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Jul 18, 2006 06:31 PM

Looking for Greek Food and Falafels in Central/North NJ?

Does anyone know of any Greek restaurants anywhere in central or north NJ? This type of cuisine seems to be sorely lacking and we're missing it a lot lately.

Also, where on earth can you get a decent falafel? Another food items we can't seem to find for our lives nearby. We lived in NYC for so many years and there were so many places to chow down on these. Nary a one in site - or certainly none worth eating.

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  1. ALthough it is not completely Greek, we enjoys Bobo's 33 in the Atlantic Highlands.

    Another great place we like (it is Turkish, but so similar in cuisine) is 7 Hills of Istanbul in Highland Park.

    It's Greek to me is ok not GREAT...a few locations..Holmdel, Hoboken, Long Branch, and I know there are more up North.

    They all have websites if you want to google and look up their menus. I agree, we need more GREEK food! Yumm yumm..

    Sorry, I cannot help you with the falfel. :)

    1. Blah! All of them are way too far - at least 20 miles, a long way to go for mediocre Greek food. Yes, we do need more choices for this type of food!

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        How about Beyti Kabab in Union City? I don't know if that is any closer. The place is Turkish and really delicious!

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          7 Hills of Istanbul really is excellent. As you may know from reading my posts on the Manhattan board, I'm a huge fan of Turkish Kitchen, and I think 7 Hills is just about as good -- and, for me, that's saying a lot!! So, when a craving for Turkish cuisine hits us and we are not in NYC, we gladly make the 25-minute drive to 7 Hills.

          When it comes to falafel, there's Jerusalem Pizza and Falafel, also in Highland Park. But I can't tell you how good the falafel is because I've never tried it. The place is kosher and observant, i.e., closed on Saturday.

          Of course, that doesn't help you with the Greek problem. There was a discussion about It's Greek to Me on the Avenue thread, at which time I made it clear that, because the food at the Hazlet location was utterly horrible, I have no use for this chain.

          Checking the NJ Zagat, there are Greek restaurants listed in Cherry Hill, Galloway Twp., and Atlantic City, which, I am presuming, are not close to you (or me either). Also listed is a small spot called Mazi, in Bradley Beach, which has some Greek dishes on a Mediterranean menu. This could be worth trying since, when I Googled, I found info that indicated they offer a $25 3-course Greek dinner on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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            Forget Mazi, it closed and is now an Italian restaurant. it is very good.

        2. Well, now we're getting a bit closer - 7 Hills is only 16 miles away - that isn't too bad.

          And I'll tell you, I wouldn't care how good any restaurant in Hazlet is - I grew up there - I have an allergy to the town.

          Thanks for the tip of 7 Hills tho, I'm definately going to keep that one in mind - we are in that neck of the woods on occassion. We're looking for anything Mediterranean at this point - all of it is lacking in the area.

          1. Again, not Greek, but Lebanese.

            HEADQUARTERS on Georges Road in North Brunswick (can't get much more Central Jersey than that) is a casual storefront restaurant that has excellent falafel, which are included in an even better mezze plate with stuffed grape leaves, hummous, baba ganoujh, and tabouli. Also a good fatoosh salad and other more substantial stuff on the menu. The baba ganoujh is my favorite - nice blend of tangy and smoky.

            Also, just down (up?) the road (make a left leaving the restaurant, walk a couple blocks and cross the road) from HEADQUARTERS is THE PHOENECIAN BAKERY, a grocery with all kinds of middle eastern goodies, including excellent pita that was their original claim to fame.

            1. Oh yeah, the best annual Greek Festival food I've come across is at St George's Greek Orthodox church on River Road in Piscataway.


              You just missed this year's in May, but put it on your calendar to look for it next May.

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