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Jul 18, 2006 06:23 PM

Need restaurant suggestions in the Caen/Normandy area

Last night in France and need a fantastic last meal, have done the great chefs, this spot doesnt need to be michelin, just delish.
Shellfish preferred.

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  1. go to Honfleur - it's got plenty of great seafood restaurants at reasonable prices. Le P'tit Mareyeur is great but you need a reservation most nights. Search the Board on Honfleur for other posts in that town. You will not be disappointed. It's not that close to Caen, but not all that far if you really want good seafood. The town is worth visiting in any case.

    1. Le bouchon du Vaugueux in Caen is doing great things with traditional ingredients. Not necessarily shellfish though. In my hometown you buy shellfish fresh off the boat at the market and eat it at home, I can't recall ever having it in a restaurant.
      You probably would need to book and they are closed Wednesdays as well as Sunday if I remember well, don't know about Monday.
      I'm sure you can find them on the French Pages Jaunes.

      If you are in Caen on a Friday don't miss the Farmer's market on place Saint-Sauveur. You can also buy some fabulous chocolate to bring back home at Témoins on rue Saint Pierre.