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Soft Shell Crabs Tonight?

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  • ctb Jul 18, 2006 06:06 PM
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Today is my friend's birthday and she wants (no, demands) soft shell crab. The obvious choices are Shaw's, Joe's and Roy's. They are good, but I'd like to take her to a place that is offering a great soft shell crab dish that's special. A place that doesn't necessarily focus on seafood alone. Anybody had great soft shell crabs lately? If so, what and where? And if I can be a bit more precise, I'd love a place that offered outdoor dining as well. Thanks.

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  1. Already posted on LTH Forum, but here it is again, in case you see this first: Meiji, 623 W. Randolph. Outdoor seating, softshell crabs on the small-dishes list. They looked (when I saw them) very nice and crispy, served with a butter-soy-lemon sauce. The rest of the menu does have non-seafood choices, too. This place has the best tempura I've eaten in years (totally crisp and non-greasy), so I think they'd do a good job on the soft-shells, too.