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Jul 18, 2006 06:04 PM

Tapas place in OC?

Wondering if anyone out there knows of any tapas places in the OC -- we are looking for a place to have a 60th birthday celebration, any suggestions would be very welcome ...

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  1. Sorry, I can only tell you which one to definitely avoid -

    Tapas Restaurant in Newport Beach is extremely awful.

    Hope to see some good responses here myself.

    1. And another to avoid...Aire in costa mesa...tapas gone extremely awry. Each item is sized as a tapas but priced as an entree. Impossible to get full and not spend over $50 a person. Go for drinks but eat elsewhere.

      What about japanese tapas (izyaka)? The most popular is Honda Ya in Tustin. Go and enjoy some yakitori skewers and lots of small plate specials like the crab shumai and fried octopus. Lots of threads on this place if you do a seach.

      Another less traditional option is Oki Doki in costa mesa. Lots of japanese and asian inspired small dishes in addition to larger entrees. Try the shrimp in tomato sauce, beef steak and octopus with green garlic. It has a younger crowd than Honda Ya and a little more energy in the room. I love both equally though.

      Since its a 60th Bday, I'm not sure Oki Doki would be appropriate, though the Tatami Room at Honda Ya would be nice if you reserve the whole room (seats about 15 people).

      1. they have just opened up a cafe sevilla is downtown long beach. i know you asked about the o.c. but that is the closet one that I know of. great food and sangria


        1. I have always REALLY enjoyed the restaurant Motif @ the St Regis Monarch Beach in Dana Point.
          It can be pricey and its not traditional tapas but more of a "small plates" restaurant. Persian Kabobs, filet diane, vietnamese spring rolls, a variety of different foods and flavors. Also have a great wine selection and offer flights.

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            They did away with the small plates concept about 6 months ago.