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Jul 18, 2006 06:01 PM

I've gobbled my Frog Hollow peaches! Don't make me wait until Saturday!

Hi Chowhounders - I'm visiting San Francisco for a couple of weeks. I bought some AMAZING frog hollow peaches at the Saturday farmer's market and I've gobbled them up. Where else can I find them before Saturday? Are there any other local farmers markets you would recommend with the same caliber of produce as found at Saturday farmer's market? I've visited the one at Civic Center and didn't think the produce was as good. Thanks Chowhounders!

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  1. There is a Tuesday farmers market at the Ferry Building from 10 until 2pm. Frog Hollow will be there with the peaches.
    Whole Foods and Real Foods carries them, but they bring a lower grade to the grocers. What you find at the market is superior, go now!
    Also, they are at the Berkeley farmers market from 2 until 7pm, if that's more convenient. And, it's a great market with some good farms you won't find at the SF markets (River Dog and Blue Heron).

    1. The Berkeley farmers markets on Tuesday and Saturday are great. The Thursday market is organic-only and much smaller. Personally I prefer the peaches from Ram Das Orchards.

      If you make the trip to Berkeley, also check out Berkeley Bowl and Monterey Market, best non-farmers-market produce in the area and a larger selection than any farmers market.

      The Marin Civic Center market is roughly in the same league as Berkeley and Ferry Plaza.


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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        I find the Marin market is turning more into a street fair and less and less resembles a farmers market. Maybe it's what the community wants but it's no longer the serious food mecca it once was. It's still good but it's not in the same league as Berkeley or Ferry Plaza.

        1. re: Earl Grey

          I agree that there is a lot more there for the kiddies than at the other markets, but the presence of Full Belly and Ram Dass make it worth the trip for much of the year. Neither of those vendors go to the SF markets and the fruit and vegetables that they bring are very special.

          1. re: rabaja

            I was thinking more of Sunday. Sorry. I haven't been to Thursday in years and I assume it's a more serious food market. Sunday is a very different scene and it's getting less serious about food.

            Full Belly doesn't sell on Sunday. DOn't know about Ram Dass.

      2. In addition to its stand at the farmers' market, Frog Hollow has a stand in the Ferry Building--luscious stone fruit and intensely fruity pastries every day of the week.

        1. I have been a bit disappointed in the Berkeley Bowl fruit so far this season. Nothing was delicious when I last shopped there about a week and a half ago.

          I also feel that the berries (non-blue) have been overripe so that they start to rot, or have already started to rot, very quickly. Even if I refrigerate raspberries immediately, the bottom layer is covered with white fur and rotten berries.

          I did, however, also find that their Mexican garlic (didn't have last time I was there - season may be over) was fantastic. I could smell it at the top of the aisle. It was juicy and pungent.

          I have also been pretty disappointed with the produce at Market Hall - expensive and tasteless nectarines and peaches. Also some blackberries without a smidge of taste.

          Monterey Market, otoh, has been wonderful. Everything I've gotten there has been sweet, tangy, other words, as fruit should be.

          Haven't gotten to Berkeley Farmers' Mkt in about a month and so can't comment. I have always gotten top produce and top everything there. It's the best.

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            Put the raspberries, no matter what condition, from the market into a glass jar and store in the fridge. I swear, that the squished berries I put in a glass jar actually improved ... firmed up. I've kept raspberries a week so far successfully (always eat them up, so no long-term results about raspberries).


          2. If it is convenient, try the Wednesday Civic Center FM again, and buy as much stone fruit as you can carry from the stand called Francesca. It is expensive, but I promise you that it is the best tasting fruit you will find anywhere. And Francesca and her husband are a kick.

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              Great tip, Guzgo. Do you know if they sell at any other markets? I'll keep an eye out for them elsewhere.