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Jul 18, 2006 05:52 PM

Refrigerator next to oven-- should I be concerned?

I've been apartment hunting, and came across a nice apartment that had its oven next to the refrigerator. The owner placed a metal sheet on the refrigerator. My question, should I be concerned that the refrigerator will not be kept cold while the oven is on? Sorry if this is a silly question.

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  1. I think this depends a lot on the refrigerator. I would definitely check the owners manual for the model. Just figure out the model number and go on-line (or call the manuf.)

    1. Stand by the oven while it is on, using a thermometer, how hot is it? (find where the oven vents - easy when you move your hand around a hot oven.) Can you slide your hand between the two appliances? If so, do it while the oven is on. Is it hot? That should be part of your answer. The above advice to check out the refrigerator manual is very good also. Keep in mind that many people keep an extra refrigerator in the garage where it gets pretty hot in the summer. Those work well inspite of the additional heat.

      I cannot imagine what use sliding a piece of metal between the refrigerator and oven would be. Metal conducts heat. Maybe if he'd used wood, it would make some sense........ note to landlord, why did you do this?

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        You will definitely feel heat next to the oven when it is on. The question is, how will that affect the temperature inside the fridge. Some fridges are better at maintaining the inside air temp than others. This is why you should check the manual (or test the air temp in the fridge, if you are so inclined).

      2. Thanks for everyone's response.

        1. Ellenost: In my apartment unit, the oven is also right next to the refrigerator. When I'm using the stovetop, that's not a problem, but the oven gets really, really not, and it stays hot for hours and hours. I never considered the refrigerator-oven location to be problematic. Of course, if this were my own property, I would keep the two appliances apart. However, I figure if the apartment owners/managers are dumb enough to set up the kitchen (it's a tiny kitchen) the way it is, and they position the refrig and stove next to each other, then if there is damage to any appliance, that's their problem. However, I haven't noticed any problems with the refrigerator staying cool when my oven is on. But then, I haven't really checked either, but so far, what's in the refrigerator is staying cool.

          1. hello, a major variable on whether the fridge can efficiently do its heat-exchange thing, other than the quality of the unit, is how warm that kitchen stays when the oven is on.(air conditioning? well ventilated, cooler part of the apt?) Do you do a lot of baking and roasting? It's always a good idea to have a thermometer in the fridge, anyway, unless the unit is really over specs for the application, usually it's the opposite, we overstuff them , open and close them a lot, and so on. cheers