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Jul 18, 2006 05:32 PM

Old San Juan? Any comments?

I've seend a bunch of reviews about this place - no middle grounds; either "great" or "ghastly". Which is it?

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  1. I love it, but I almost always get the churrasquito, skirt steak with great chimichurri sauce. Probably the best steak bargain in the city. I haven't really tried the P.R. specialties (the menu is 1/2 P.R., 1/2 Argentine), but the crab mofongo interests me.

    1. It's been quite some time since we had dinner there. While I wouldn't call the food "great," it was nicely prepared and quite tasty. We started with some empanadas, followed by arroz con pollo which, if I recall correctly, was brought to the table in a cast-iron pot. The portion was so generous that my husband and I were able to share one order, making an already very moderately-priced meal even more inexpensive.