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Bubble tea

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I don't understand the hype about bubble tea? I don't see what's so great about it; it's just a blend of tea, juice or milk, with tapioca pearls on the bottom. I'm Asian and I just appreciate a good cup of whole leaf tea instead of bubble tea. Any feedback on this?

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  1. Novelty?

    1. Eating a drink?

      1. for me it's a nice alternative to an iced latte, I enjoy the many variations and combinations that are possible, and I find the boba balls to be fun, especially when nice and fresh !

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          Ditto! Well said!

        2. My family has been making pearl tapioca desserts for at least 30 years, so this boba tea fad is quite amusing.

          And no, we aren't Asian at all.

          I do enjoy boba tea as an occasional treat. Especially the uncommon flavors--rose and lychee being my faves.

          1. It's the tapioca pearls! The texture - they are chewy and squishy, with a little resistance. They are fun - you suck them up in the fat straw. To me, it's such a happy treat.

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              YES! I think these "chewy and squishy" little tapioca pearls taught me to have a sense of humor about it all! Elise, you are absolutely right -- I am almost giddy when I am chasing them with my straw! This can NOT be a serious activity!

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                agreed! There was a ton of bubble tea places by my high school (in Chinatown in Houston) and I miss having the convenience. It's just so fun to eat :D I'm Asian but everyone in my school loved it :D

                My big brother and sister-in-law get it at least once a week!

              2. Oh, the tapioca can be very filling though! I dont quite like them, but like you say, its a novelty. I'd only have it if I can share a drink with someone, 'coz its just too filling for one person.

                The drink itself is really just a powdered drink.. I'd rather have loose leaf tea, yes. Or something thats just more real.

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                  These can also be made with real brewed tea. Here in Philly, I can get reak brewed bubble tea(green, black, or jasmine) at Bubble Tea house in West Philly, or Great Tea Interntional on Sansom. They are so filling that I have them as my lunch sometimes. Thank you.

                2. Bubble tea with tea is very good. I don't like the artificial flavors. I don't see any point to those.

                  1. I suppose it's an acquired taste, but I love bubble tea...especially if it's lychee flavored. It's unique and satisfying. Try it before you knock it.

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                    1. re: Schveinhund

                      Schveinhund -- I, too, love lychee anything! Sometimes, however, the tea drinks are too sweet. I love to order a green tea slush with no sugar (and if the green tea is freshly brewed, that's a HUGE bonus!) and then add a little lychee jelly for sweetness! Really good lychee jelly has a burst to it -- when you bite into it, it explodes with flavor!

                      I know this is a little much, but it is one of the cherished pleasures of summertime for me!