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Jul 18, 2006 05:19 PM

Bubble tea

I don't understand the hype about bubble tea? I don't see what's so great about it; it's just a blend of tea, juice or milk, with tapioca pearls on the bottom. I'm Asian and I just appreciate a good cup of whole leaf tea instead of bubble tea. Any feedback on this?

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      1. for me it's a nice alternative to an iced latte, I enjoy the many variations and combinations that are possible, and I find the boba balls to be fun, especially when nice and fresh !

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        1. My family has been making pearl tapioca desserts for at least 30 years, so this boba tea fad is quite amusing.

          And no, we aren't Asian at all.

          I do enjoy boba tea as an occasional treat. Especially the uncommon flavors--rose and lychee being my faves.

          1. It's the tapioca pearls! The texture - they are chewy and squishy, with a little resistance. They are fun - you suck them up in the fat straw. To me, it's such a happy treat.

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              YES! I think these "chewy and squishy" little tapioca pearls taught me to have a sense of humor about it all! Elise, you are absolutely right -- I am almost giddy when I am chasing them with my straw! This can NOT be a serious activity!

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                agreed! There was a ton of bubble tea places by my high school (in Chinatown in Houston) and I miss having the convenience. It's just so fun to eat :D I'm Asian but everyone in my school loved it :D

                My big brother and sister-in-law get it at least once a week!