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Jul 18, 2006 05:06 PM

Green Goddess-dressed salads: where are they?

Hello... I vaguely recall sporadic mention from time to time of retro green goddess dressing making its way on to menus (and salads) around town. Possibly at the tres-retro Billingsley? Was hoping that salad lovers might chime in and recommend where the green goddess is still worshipped as a regular offering, on everything from simple iceberg wedges to exotic organic greenery. Would prefer more basic places that do not require me to necessarily invest in a $50 steak in order to get me my green goddess fix on a side salad. Just looking for bountiful and simply dressed salads with that cool and velvety dressing that is so perfect on these hot summer nights. Thank you!

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  1. Campanile makes a gorgeous salad w/green goddess dressing.
    The spinning salad at Lawry's also has it if you're into kitsch.

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    1. re: jcwla

      Hi, and thanks for the quick response. I do believe I will give Campanile's version a try, as it's been far too long since my first visit...

    2. You may be better off just ordering it yourself and bringing a bottle with you.

      I'm sure if they charge a corkage fee for bringing your own wine, they'd do something similar for bringing your own salad dressing. I've yet to encounter the stuff in sitdown restaurant, but love it nonetheless. Maybe this will start a trend?

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        Cool, I can then keep some always on hand for my prvate indulgence too. Thanks!

      2. i hesitate to point out the obvious, but green goddess is really easy to make at home and always so much better than the bottled. the hallmarks of a true green goddess are fresh tarragon (and tarragon vinegar), and salted anchovies. bottled dressings never get enough of any of them.

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        1. re: FED

          Thanks, FED. Perhaps I'll query the General Topics board for some tried and true recipes and/or search its archives...

        2. For an interesting twist, try Houston's cole slaw. They make it with a green goddess type dressing and a heavy dose of parsley.

          1. Not really having grown up eating Green Goddess Salad nor knowing what it was, I had it at Edendale Grill in Silverlake (on Rowena) and must say, it struck every creamy, crunchy and cool chord in my taste buds the right way. Not sure if they serve it anymore but worth a shot!

            Tuna Toast: