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Jul 18, 2006 04:46 PM

Meze Estiatorio?

Any recent experiences? Their website does not seem to be up to date (Menus section says: MEZE'S MENUS WILL BE CHANGING DAILY.)

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  1. I thought I read on here recently that Prezza was taking Meze over.

    1. Ha - I was JUST about to post about them. Went there for lunch today. I was a big fan when they FIRST opened because I thought they had a great idea and great menu. The first time was rocky and extremely loud, but the food was excellent. Every time since (maybe 5) the food has been dramatically inconsistent. I had a quail dish once on a mound of potatoes that were actually stone cold in the center. The subsequent experiences had been apps at the bar and today was the Piziliani (??) the spread combo of taramosalata, fava been, feta & roasted peppers, etc. It was pretty good, huge portion for $14, the dinner portion (although it seemed the same when I had it last) is $20. The thing that kills me about the place is that the staff seems so nice and friendly but kind of like they don't really care at the same time. It's bizarre.

      The hostess/owner's wife, with big long red nails and a blazer filled in as a server (with her thumbs in the plates) to another party even though it was fairly empty.

      I wouldn't recommend it and only find myself there b/c it's next door to my work, I like the apps well enough and we seem to go there before things at the Fleet Center.

      1. I had a fine meal there recently. I like the horiatiki salad and the moussaka, but it's better to build your meal around the meze assortments. I also love the wine list: you don't often get a crack at good Greek wines around here. It's a punishingly loud room on busy nights. Some tables have a gorgeous view of the Zakim Bridge.

        Though I like Prezza a lot, I am concerned about the recent (or is it pending?) change in ownership. I have no idea what it means for the kitchen.

        1. When we were there last week they could only offer us a house chardonnay and cab because they are clearing their wine in prep for the Prezza 'conversion'.

          I don't know what it means for the kitchen either, maybe more consistency?

          1. The Charlestown Patriot-Bridge had an article in today's paper about the Prezza connection. According to owner Bill Galatis, Anthony Caturano of Prezza will serve as executive chef for Meze and its sister restaurant Paolo's.

            In addition, Galatis will step aside as day-to-day manager of Meze.

            Paolo's will "only see minor additions to its menu" according to the article, but Meze's "will get a thorough overhaul adding dishes and wine from Southern itlay, France, Portugal, Spain, North Africa and the Middle East." The new menu will debut during Restaurant Week.

            Galatis cited the following as the reason for the change:

            "Restaurants generally need to be refreshed every three to five years."

            As an aside, I read this article in a nearby lobby after lunching at Meze where I had a burger called "the Cretan" -- a lamb burger topped with sauteed onions and sweet peppers. The burger was fabulous - juicy, tender, and perfectly seasoned (salt and pepper only.) I also enjoyed the spread combo app, which was split with two colleagues.

            For their mains, one had the Aegan burger, which was a bacon cheese lamb burger and the other had the lamb skewers. Everything was enjoyed/devoured.