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Jul 18, 2006 04:46 PM

Palm Springs Chophouse

Has anyone been to the Palm Springs Chophouse? Opinions, better options? It seems there aren't that many good food options in the Palm Springs area, just tourist traps. Save me from the tourist traps! What about the buffet at the Agua Calienta Spa & Casino?

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  1. Chophouse is just a steakhouse, nothing more or less. They used to have a real chef but he is not there anymore so it isn't as good as it was.
    Tourist traps? Kaiser Grill, Las Casueles & Pomme Fritte are the worst. There are actually some very good places though. Johanne's is my favorite "treat"$$$. Zin is more casual and has great food and wine. Phillippe's is good for lunch and Copley's is another dinner place. Edguardo's has very authentic Mexican. Enzo's has decent Italian.
    Buffet at AC - if all you can eat is what you want you will get it!
    When are you coming to town? A lot of places will be closed for 3-6 weeks so call them first, the good ones that are open will probably be busy with us locals!

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        Ended up having the breakfast buffet at the new Spa/Casino facility. It was decent. I wish I had read your posting before we headed out there - there's always next time! Thank you for your advice.